Congratulations South Africa, you sexy country, you!

Day 533, 15:55 Published in South Africa South Africa by Gabriel Borien

Now I may have just stolen Jizzie's favorite word but I think he would agree with me using it there...

South Africa, over the past week we've proven several things to the rest of eWorld and you know what those things are?

-NEVER underestimate the will of a small country. Yes, we had help from the bigger countries, I won't deny it, hell I asked them to come help us...however none of this would have happened and we would have been just another footnote in history if we didn't show them that we won't take crap from anybody, be it a snot-nosed TO leader or a massive empire, South Africa showed that we won't back down, and that is the best kind of fighter.

-We aren't just some backwater nation, we proved that we aren't going to be outsmarted with cowardly (but smart all the same) tactics.

-and last of all, that South Africa rules!

So thank you South Africa!
I want to thank you for putting your trust in me, making me the standout candidate to avoid a's an honor I will never take for granted. I will do my best to make you all proud, and to hopefully at least come close to Jizzie's epic terms as president, they are very big shoes to fill and I'm proud you trusted me.

And thank you nations!
With all the thanks I give to South Africa I give it also equally to those countries involved in fighting off the PTO. When I went to bed last night (at about 19:00 eRep time) I was pretty disheartened, but I was certain that whatever nefarious plan wizzie had for South Africa would be defeated. When I woke up this morning I had a feeling of optimism. I thought "Well, maybe wizzie got banned" and "maybe I got a rush of votes in the last few minutes", and after cooking breakfast I couldn't wait to see the results. I was so happy to see that I had won (along with the bombing of my inbox with congratulatory mails) even if it was only by a few votes.

So what now?
On top of continuing the plans set forth by Jizzie McGuire, we now must plan to prevent a PTO of congress, and future Presidential and congressional elections. Our enemy is determined, cowardly, but determined. This will mean be back, harder and in more numbers, each election. South Africa must prove it's resilience and organize an anti-TO plan that will work for our country. This plan will cover not only the upcoming congressional elections but the next presidential and so on and so forth.

Presidential business
As my first article as President, the following will be my cabinet should they all accept their positions.

Vice President: Schums
Minister of Finance: Hireshmont Vellos
Minister of Security: Ali Mentary
-Dept. of Defense: Siroe
-Dept. of Intelligence: Steven Bosch
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Oceanus
Minister of Justice: Peter D. Banko
Minister of Minerals & Energy: Boere Generaal
Minister of Public Relations: Zagarius
Minister of Social Affairs: Ovidiusza

These following people, should they accept their positions, will be helping me lead you all to a greater South Africa than we have today.

With that We'll begin the grind!

To South Africa!
Acta Non Verba!

-gabriel borien