Rise Up, South Africa! The Liberation War is Upon Us

Day 526, 11:01 Published in South Africa Sweden by Jizzie McGuire

Greetings to my South African friends and comrades from around the world. I come to you now at the most critical time in our e-nation’s history as we take our first steps towards re-unification and Liberation. As promised and after several weeks of military and diplomatic preparation, I have given the orders for our troops, supported by legions of international freedom fighters, to begin Resistance Wars in South African regions brutally occupied by imperialistic Indonesian aggressors. I did not make this decision lightly, but Indonesia has left us no choice but to take through force what they refused to give us through peaceful and mutually beneficial negotiations. We could continue to be ridiculed and ignored by those who invaded and occupied our land without any provocation from us, or we could rise up and risk all for hour honor and freedom. We have chosen to follow the latter route.

If I could have sat at the negotiating table and discussed our situation with the Indonesian president or a representative of his government, I gladly would have. In fact I wrote to the current and previous Indonesian presidents asking for a meeting, but was ignored. My Ambassador to Indonesia, the honorable former President Browski, also made several attempts to contact Indonesian officials on their forum, but he too was ignored. His and other previous administrations have faced the same problem of Indonesian disinterest. Frustrated with our lack of response, Intel Minister Ryan Dagari wrote a series of articles in Indonesian papers in an attempt to create some kind of grassroots support amongst the Indonesian people for closer ties and talks between our nations. My article and those written by Ryan and others were mostly met with disdain and ridicule by the Indonesian people. Apparently, they were offended by my insistence that South Africa be treated with respect and took as a “threat” my comment that South Africa would strive for unity and Liberation through any means necessary, even though I made clear that negotiations were preferable.

The Indonesians clearly proved over the last several months that they not only care nothing for South Africa or its people, but they also look upon us with disdain and as inferiors. They took our land not to improve it or help the people on it, but so they could use it as a springboard for attacks into the Americas where they could enslave even more innocent people under their tyrannical rule. By the time I began my second term as president, I already knew that Indonesia would not speak to us, and if they did, talks would go nowhere. You cannot negotiate with or appease tyrants and oppressors. They left us no choice but to seek the support of their enemies if we wanted to have any hope of Liberating our regions and countrymen. I will return to my birthplace in the Northern Cape, one way or another.

With no response coming from the Indonesian government, I had to act on my promises to the South African people and to myself that my administration would take real steps towards Liberation. Negotiation being off the table, I actively sought out the support of international allies. During my first term in office, only Spain stood up and pledged support for our cause, and I will always remember that. The unconditional friendship offered by Eresident Evighet and current president Fredy gave me the hope and strength to pursue my diplomatic offensive and have been instrumental in galvanizing the support of other nations who support freedom. The UK and their MoFA SaraDroz also played crucial roles in bringing in the support of ATLANTIS nations and even helped us get around the “donation bug” that stood in the way of our plans for so long. The flood of support from Romania, Croatia, and my new friends President Scrabman of the US and President Miudyk of Poland, have turned this shoestring resistance into a full-fledged Liberation War. I am honored and humbled to have so many great and powerful nations volunteer to come to our aid in our noble efforts and look forward to fighting alongside our allies.

Even if our first RW fails, we will fight on. We will continue fighting until we can fight no more. Then we will rest and fight again. South Africa will no longer be kicked around and laughed at by imperialist foreign invaders, no matter how strong they are. You can destroy our military and our country but you will never destroy what is in our heart. For those individuals who fight for the Indonesian Empire, look at where you are. Is this Indonesian land? Are you fighting for what is right and honorable? Do you even realize that you are a tool of evil tyranny and oppression? How can you live with the knowledge that what you are doing is wrong? Win or lose on the battlefield, the people of South Africa know that their cause is just and that fighting for Liberation is what is right. With that knowledge, we go into battle with our heads high knowing that even in defeat, victory is ours. We can stand proud knowing that we fought for our freedom and will be an inspiration to all of the frightened and oppressed peoples around the e-world today and in the future.

Today I received a pm from an Indonesian tool asking me how I will be able to live with myself, doing what I am doing. I responded that I could not live with myself if I did nothing. That living as a slave is not living at all. It is not I who should be ashamed, but Indonesia and all of those who fight for her who must face their conscience. I will fight until I no longer can, content in the knowledge that I fought with honor and on the side of justice. The Indonesians can kill and crucify me if they like, but they cannot crush the human spirit and the desire to be free. I am only one person and am easy to take out for a great empire like Indonesia, but what they do not seem to realize is that as long as they occupy our land and those of others, there will be thousands more just like me to take up the struggle.

So I am asking our soldiers, international mercs and volunteers, head to the Western Cape, fight in KwaZulu Natal, and be ready to continue the fight in more battles to come. With the powerful alliance we have put together, I have my doubts about the Indonesians declaring war on us, as they have proven themselves to be cowards, content with picking on smaller, defenseless nations like we once were. Now that we are strong with allies, they are be too afraid to attack us as they once did when we were weak, peaceful and alone. That being the case, we will continue pounding away and bringing in increased foreign support, as we will declare war on Indonesia itself if we must. They are the aggressor. If they have the guts, they will come at us directly. I don’t think they do and I doubt they will. So keep fighting my sexy friends. Liberation will be ours!

We know that what we are doing may lead to defeat. We do not fear death. We embrace it in the name of freedom. We are not slaves! We are South Africa!