Independent Council for Congressional Candidates Review Recommendations

Day 521, 17:17 Published in USA USA by Kyle321n

The Independent Council for Congressional Candidates Review met last night to come up with who should be supported for congress. We based this off how often they are active in their party, the eUS forums, and IRC. We also took into consideration how well they'd get along with other congressman and the types of arguments they make. This month the ICCCR was:

Changewillcome, AAP Congressman
Cromstar, CvP Congressman
Joseph Schmo, NP Congressman
PrincessMedyPi, Former UIP PP, Former Congresswoman
Ananias, USWP PP, Congressman
HeadmistressTalia, Lib PP, Former Congresswoman
Tiacha, Fed VP, Former Congresswoman, President's CoS

[size=15pt]Here's a list of the candidates in each state[/size]

Alabama:The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: princess84, The Cheezeburgerler, WorthlessPeon, pantherthug89

Alaska: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Ardez, Ryan_5

Arizona: Istarlan (UIP) has been a diligent hard worker in Congress. She has worked hard and fought to improve relations between Congress and the military. She is the Commandant of the National Guard and has worked hard to create a budget that is both respectful to the military and fiscally responsible.
Other Candidates: Michael Darm, Chris Morgan, Sir Valaro Volcrum

Arkansas:Killing Time (USWP/UIP) Killing Time is the current senator from Arkansas. He is the man who saved eAmerica's butt when he housed the new forums and has been a man on a mission to improve the nation ever since. He has done awesome work for this Congress and will continue to be a voice of reason if reelected.
Other Candidates: Erik Victor

Baja: Nonesuch (UIP) will hopefully become the military governor of Baja. In the past, Nonesuch has been an outspoken voice in Congress. He promises to help improve relations between Mexico and the United States, which will be nothing but good for our country.
Other Candidates: switzerlandek, Leaderrr, Henry Baldwin, Jeremy Hutchinson

California:AidenAstrup (USWP)Aiden is the long-time Congressional rep from California. He is a leader in the Meals on Wheels program, extremely active in Congress, and a representative at the Constitutional Convention. Aiden is active and helpful throughout all aspects of the government and should be sent back to Congress for another mandate.
Other Candidates: Expert Oki, UberBoredom, BlueBob88dotcom, R. Rich

Colorado: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: ligtreb, Aang Airbender

Connecticut: Equality 7-2521 (AAP) Equality 7-2572 is an active member of the e-community. Eq (as is his nickname) is everywhere. Eq holds positions in the cabinet, in AAP leadership, had a part in freeing Greece and Israel, and is a well known businessman. We strongly recomment Equality 7-2572 for another term!
Other Candidates: Justinious McWalburgson III

Delaware: ClammyJim (AAP) Clammyjim is a well liked fellow and is active both in the forums and in the irc. His activiy in game includes being a part of Scrabman's cabinet, congressman, and being the Director of Recruitment for the AAP. Clammyjim is that member of congress that brings unity and respect, not division, to congress.
Other Candidates: RedRooste

District of Columbia:Time (Li
Time has been around forever and has displayed his leadership previously. His vigorous leadership should help energize congress.
Other Candidates: Jonathan Daniel Lewis, Big Brother

Florida: Ananias (USWP)

Ananias- The Congressman from Florida needs little introduction. He is one of the top economic minds in the eUS, helped craft the PANEC tax plan, and is the current Party President of the USWP. He works in the Scrabman administration and sits on the Economic Council. Florida is a strong and active state and they should continue to chose Ananias for their representation.
Other Candidates: Donutdude, MGR Raj, xeros, Luka Dreke

Georgia: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Chezmeister, Alex78, maxpayne50

Hawaii: Changewillcome (AAP)Changewillcome is an active member of congress currently. Also, he is the Co-Party President of the AAP and head of congressional planning. Cwc, as he is known, is great at organizing and behind the scenes work. Though his work is behind the scenes often, Cwc has provided essential leadership in congress and in the AAP.
Other Candidates: chimichonga barbosa

Idaho- dbuck2001(CVP)
A freshman senator this past term, dbuck2001 has made sure to keep on top of Congressional happenings. In addition to studiously publishing his record and views for the people of Idaho to judge, dbuck can be seen stopping by the Congressional forums and IRC channels to ensure he knows whats going on.
Other candidate(s): Thomas. Anderson, Oleguer

Illinois: Aren Perry (AAP)Aren Perry is PP of the AAP. He is also the chair of the Infrastructure committee in Congress. Aren has been voice of multipartisanship within congress. Diligent and organized, Aren has always been a true leader. He is the type of voice Congress needs to get the business of our nation done.
Other Candidates: Asmellyoaf

Indiana: Kyle321n (NP)A man that needs no introduction, Kyle is the current Speaker of the House, Quartermaster General, and Nationalist Party President. A five term congressman from Indiana, Kyle is looking to win his sixth congressional election and his fifth in a row. Kyle, always extremely active, is without a doubt one of the leaders of the eUS Congress and has become an indispensable part both of Congress and of his party. Expect him to continue leading for many months to come. Kyle is also known for his passionate, erm, "love" of horses.
Other Candidates: Frank Rush

Iowa- Mattoze5 (CVP)
Mattoze5 has been an active member of the Conservative party for a number of months, and most recently ran for party president. Running in Iowa this month, Matt has been trying to get into Congress for a number of months now, and hopefully this month he'll finally make it.
Other candidate(s): Daniel_Bush

Kansas: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Shadow ninja, Aarons-Miller

Kentucky- Bastion (CVP)
A fresh face in the Conservative Party, Bastion is attempting to fill the seat vacated by Rhane when he moved to eLithuania. Recently, Bastion has been making appearances in different parts of the forums and IRC, and is most often seen hanging with his party members.
Other candidate(s): Cerb, Reggie Rim, Dwight D. Eisenhower

Louisiana: ZSandmann (USWP)Zsandman has run for Congress in Louisiana several times and we applaud his persistence. He is active throughout the forums and stays involved in many American affairs. It's time that Louisiana give Zsandman a chance in Congress.
Other Candidates: Dodgercatcher

Maine: Gilroy (Fed), for the past three months, has been one of the most tenacious Senators in Congress. Gilroy has been a champion of fiscal responsibility. Under his reign as the Chairman of the Senate Budget committee, Congress has established its first budget ever. Gilroy is a true leader in Congress and Maine would be lucky to have him for a fourth term.
Other Candidates: fuzzy1994, sammyboy14, Bats, Larabic

Marylan😛 NeilP99 (UIP) has always been a voice of the downtrodden in eAmerica. He has never been afraid to say what is right, even if it is unpopular. Neil has been a strong advocate of diplomacy, something which this eWorld needs. He is never afraid to reach across party lines to work with others. He should bring much integrity back to a Congress which sorely needs it.
Other Candidates: John Wycliffe, Fin Cooper Green

Massachusetts: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Zcia, Deificus, Owen Ciaran

Michigan:Chisholm (Li Chisholm has always been a strong contributor in Congress. His knowledge and participation makes him a great choice for Michigan.
Other Candidates: David U Rheese, Dreadnuts The Mighty

Minnesota: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Lukasz Makowski, Panther, Scrumpy, perryx, Alex Damascus

Mississippi: Bill Brasky (Fed) has been an active voice in Congress. For the past two terms, Bill has been a voice of fiscal responsibility and governmental openness. As the new Chair of the Department of Education, Bill has worked hard to educate new players, particularly through his work on the Citizen mentorship program. Plus, Bill Brasky is a son of a bitch.
Other candidates: Jay Garcia

Missouri: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Jomichka, Evry, Haus von Gelding

Montana: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Josh Frost, CptAmerica, Tyler Jenkins

Nebraska- Huskerguy77 (CVP)
Even before long-time Congressman illig INC was banned, huskerguy77 was preparing to step into the shoes of the Nebraskan Congressman. Serving as the eUS ambassador to eCanada and eBosnia & Herzgovina, huskerguy77 has seen and done much his short time in the eworld.
Other candidate(s): SirEkim, Dylan Hunt, ChrisDF0

Nevada: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Vegas Saiger, Desertfalcon, Woxan

New Hampshire Jamarcus (DP) Jamarcus is a former Green Party President turned Democratic Party crusader. As a past Senator, Jamrcus has proven himself active. His passion will be a positive influence in Congress.
Other Candidates: qkoller, StygianSteel

New Jersey: Claire Littleton (Lib/UIP): Claire is the best choice for New Jersey. Claire isn’t afraid to do what is right, even if it isn’t popular. She isn’t intimidated by those who are out to harm our country. Claire doesn’t play the partisan politics game. She is a strong advocate of multipartisanship and will continue the tradition of awesome New Jersey congresswimmiz.
Other candidates: Lowell Kennedy, DerLeider, Dr. Gordon Freeman, Gaius Karsoniak

New Mexico: HeadmistressTalia (LiAggressive when necessary, and silly on occasion, she often helps to resolve open issues. Besides, voting for the devil is fun!
Other Candidates: James Davisson

New York: AceStriker1 (CVP) and Citizen Dru (USWP). It'll be a strong race this month in New York as both Acestriker1 and Citizen Dru are both strong candidates. Both have demostrated the activity and poise needed to be strong senators. New York would be blessed with either candidate.
Citizen Dru is a very strong Congressional rep. He's active in Congress and authored a variety of ideas. He is never afraid of expressing a dissenting or critical view, even when it gets him in trouble within the government. He is a very good representative that would have our support outright in many other states.

AceStriker1 is an outspoken voice on both IRC and the forums. His activity and tenacity would help Congress greatly.
Other Candidates: joe Laribum, NewYorker138

North Carolina:Muljo Gobet (Li An excellent current congressman, his constant participation has made Muljo a valued member of congress.
Other Candidates: Dong Goon,Anthony Tony Blair, Smurfy

North Dakota: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Rocco Baldelli, Tony Toot, Weasle, Ian John Locke IV, em_knaps

Ohio: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Tarik Ibn Ziad, Royamen, Danylo Halytskyj, Chatman

Oklahoma: ther3asyler (Fed) has been an active voice within the Federalist party and eUS forums. He is passionate about helping new players, as evident through his work with North American University as a teacher’s aid. His passion should help Congress as he’s a strong advocate of openness and transparency.
Other Candidates: Ricky Blair, Raven305bal

Oregon: Ssomo (UIP) has been one of the most active newcomers to Congress this past term. He’s been an active participate on the Congressional Budget committee and one of the most organized senators out there. He redefines the definition of pro-active, which is something Congress needs more of.
Other candidates: Dramaus Katan

Pennsylvania- Cromstar (CVP)
Having already served two terms as the Congressman from PA, Cromstar is going for his third. While he was very low key for his first few months in eRepublik, Cromstar barely won his first election and became more active, having become involved within the Conservative Party, Congress, and the Constitutional Convention.
Other candiate(s): PerfesserBB

Rhode Island: mjdiv (LiAuthor of one of the leading economic newspapers, Freedom & Responsibility, mjdiv brings useful insight into the running of the eUSA.
Other Candidates: Nenad Matovic, Findy

South Carolina: hiispie2 (Li Also a previus congressman, hiispie is active and engaged. Beside, can someone who likes pie that much be a bad choice?
Other candidates: Ultra Awesome, Ethan Townsend

South Dakota: Justin Warren (Fed) has become the new Killing Time of eRepublik. His quiet, yet thoughtful diligence and intelligence will make him an excellent contributor to Congress. He is the type of person who observes before he speaks and always finds the best solution to any situation. He’s active on IRC, the eUS forums and the Federalist forums, so his activity should not be doubted.
Other candidates: Mjr. Jake Vitaminwater, cdawg23

Tennessee: Jewitt (UIP) is the economic genius of eRepublik. He’s a two time senator and one of the most active people in the eUS. He is a former member of the economic council. He also runs a segment about economics regularly on the eUS Podcast. Jewitt is never afraid to say what he feels and that kind of voice is needed within Congress. He's also so god damned sexy. Rawr!
Other Candidates: Thanatos the Great, Donovanator

Texas: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Harrison Richardson, Acend, Jon Malcom, KarGcir, Perrin

Utah: The council found no one here strong enough to recommend for congress.
Candidates: Jaditus, Robert S. Miller, enderaggie, Tormod, Zen Dragon

Vermont: Joseph Schmo (NP)Not to be confused with DaSmoe, Schmo has quietly but quickly become a figure in the eUSA. A first term Congressman from Vermont, he also serves as the Nationalist Party Vice President under Kyle321n and he is the Ambassador to Israel. He has been one of the more active Senators, not missing a single vote and publishing a weekly congressional report. He also does a fantastic job staying up to date in the political game.
Other Candidates: The Man

Virginia: Dmalicious (USWP)After running an extremely impressive campaign, Dmalicious deserves the support of Virginia. His advocacy for the state in his campaign is impressive and it is evident that he would bring savvy and knowledge to Congress.
Other Candidates: Sabotage75, be_ndi, mathewbrooks, WahooBob

Washington:Inwegen (USWP)Inwegen has represented Washington for quite some time now and there's no reason to stop his run. He is the Secretary of State and the pre-eminant voice on foreign affairs and reforming ATLANTIS. His knowledge and expertise is extremely valuable to Congress and Washington to send Inwegen back to the Capitol.
Other Candidates: OrangeLobster

West Virginia: Emerick (LiHis brash style can offend people, but the truth of his words must make everyone sit back and pay attention.
While the ICCCR endorses Emerick, we'd be remiss in mentioning that Hokiehigh is a fantastic congressman has has done a wonderful job. West Virginia is a strong state for candidates, and it should be an interesting race.
Other Candidate: Hokiehigh

Wisconsin: Joshua Hoss (UIP) is one of the most active voices within the eUS who has yet to be elected to Congress. Joshua Hoss is the VP of the UIP and an active National Guardsman. He has helped the UIP continue to go great places and will continue to do so as senator of Wisconsin.
Other Candidates: DylanB, joeyhens1

Wyoming: One Eye (UIP) is perhaps the person that keeps Congress running. As the new Congress Accountant, One Eye has been the man behind the money. He’s perhaps the most trustworthy person in Congress. His genius is what keeps Congress going and Congress could not function without him.
Other Candidate: Unopposed