UPDATED: RightCon: 9-Party, 52-State Plan

Day 520, 21:12 Published in USA USA by Cromstar

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to announce that RightCon was formulated a formal response to the so-called '52-State Plan' announced by USWP Ananias. Whatever the true depths of the USWP plan (I leave it in the hands of the informed public, you guys, to make that decision), they presented a challenge. The largest party of the eUS plainly stated (at the least) that they intended to conscript qualified, active candidates for all 52 regions of the eUnited States. Well, RightCon has seen it as a challenge. Though they claim they won't run unqualified candidates for Congress, and they don't intend to run out active incumbents, the truth is the USWP has done just that.

In the Montana Congressional race the USWP has backed one Josh Frost. Now, you probably don't know very much about Mr. Frost. In fact, despite his being a member of Congress this last term, no one knows much about him. We know even less because he quit Congress this term. I wasn't aware that the USWP endorsed quitting. In fact, I'd say that Mr. Frost didn't just quit when he resigned, he deliberately and willfully turned a political election into a fraudulent episode by taking his winners gold and running to eLithuania. Now the USWP has approved that, and simultaneously approved the ousting of one of the eUS' most active members of Congress, Claire Littleton. A freshman Senator, Claire is serving as Deputy Speaker of the House and poured hours of time into improving the ability of Congress to conduct it's business. 'We only support qualified candidates' is a baldfaced lie. Even more so 'we don't want to get rid of qualified Congressmen.'

So RightCon realized full-well that the USWP would be unlikely to keep its already distrusted word. What little credibility they had was shattered with these and numerous other acts of pure barbarity. But still, Congress deserves a fair chance at the most qualified candidates. Therefore, in response to the list of supposedly 'qualified' candidates run by the USWP, RightCon is highly pleased to announce that we have looked over the many Congressional candidates running this month and, working in conjunction with members of other parties, we have formulated a list of candidates rated to be at least somewhat active by their compatriots, as well as likely to remain active if elected! Unlike the USWP, we believe it's not the candidate's party that matters, its the candidate's desire to better the nation and serve the people of the eUS!

I therefore present to you, the citizens of the greatest eNation of the New World, a list of candidates for the April 25th Congressional elections that not only endorses qualified candidates, but has endorsed candidates from no less than 9 parties!

First, I have to note that this list is the endorsement of RightCon. It is NOT the endorsement of any party, individual, or group of individuals except the organization's heads. There is nothing personal about any of these endorsements, they are merely a response to the USWP's 52-state plan.

Now let us begin!

Alabama- The Cheezburgler (Li

Alaska- Ryan_5 (Lib [Nat])

Arizona- istarlan (UIP)

Arkansas- Killing Time (USWP)

Baja- NoneSuch (UIP)

California- AidenAstrup (USWP)

Colorado- AangAirbender (AAP)

Connecticut- Equality7_25-21 (AAP)

District of Columbia- Big Brother (AAP)

Delaware- ClammyJim (AAP)

Florida- Donutdude (Li

Georgia- We find a disturbing lack of qualified candidates. Perhaps one will emerge tonight. Is it you?

Hawaii- changewillcome (Lib [AAP])

Idaho- dbuck2001 (CvP)

Illinois- Aren Perry (AAP)

Indiana- Kyle321n (AAP [Nat])

Iowa- Weak state.

Kansas- Blake chrysostom (UIP)

Kentucky- We found that Kentucky had two decent candidates running for their first term in office. Both Bastion of the CvP andDwight D. Eisenhower of the AAP will be working hard to come out on top.

Louisiana- Dodgercatcher (CvP)

Maine- Gilroy (Lib [Fed])

Maryland- Another toss-up state. The Libertarians are running Fin Cooper Green, an active member in their party, while the UIP have set up Neil99, whose all over the eUS forums as well, to run in this state.

Massachusetts- Another state with no candidate as of yet. We hope they don't get a dud, after having some good elections in the past.

Michigan- Chisholm (Li

Minnesota- Panther (Lib [AFP])

Mississippi- Bill Brasky (AAP [Fed])

Missouri- Evry (CvP)

Montana- Tyler Jenkins (UIP)

Nebraska- Huskerguy77 (CvP)

Nevada- Woxan (AAP)

New Hampshire- Stygian Steel (UIP)

New Jersey- Claire Littleton (Lib [UIP])

New Mexico- Headmistress Talia (Li

New York- Acestriker1 (CvP)

North Carolina- Muljo Gobet (Li

North Dakota- An interesting match-up here, we couldn't choose between a pair of start-up members: Weasle</strong> of the CvP and <strong>em_knaps of the UIP.

Ohio- Another match-up between Congressional newbies. Royamen</strong> of the Libs and Danylo Hjat...hajt...<strong>Danylo of the CvP. With GoBucks leaving this state, we look forward to seeing who replaces him after the voters of Ohio chose their favorite.

Oklahoma- ther3alsyler (AAP [Fed])

Oregon- ssomo (UIP)

Pennsylvania- Cromstar (CvP)

Rhode Island- Findy (CvP [ARP])

South Carolina- Hiispie (Li

South Dakota- Justin Warren (Lib [Fed])

Tennessee- Jewitt (UIP) Donovonator just announced his resignation in his paper. We are sorry to see Don go and wish him luck!

Texas- Perrin (UIP)

Utah- Tormod (AAP)

Vermont- Joseph Schmo (AAP [Nat])

Virginia- Our last match-up of the night, Virginia has two good candidates running. Sabotage75</strong> of the Libs and <strong>WahooBob of the UIP are both gunning for it hard. However, WahooBob doesn't have a present yet, so we'll see what happens.

Washington- Inwegen (USWP)

West Virginia- Emerick (Li

Wisconsin- Joshua Hoss (UIP)

Wyoming- One Eye (USWP [UIP])

Congratulations candidates! RighCon wishes all the candidates good luck on Saturday!