Final Chapter of 'The Battle for eIndia'

Day 520, 11:35 Published in India Austria by H. S. Dovewatch

Finally, after two days of fighting, International troops cleared eIndia of Giant Alien Robots.
However this was not the end.

In an abandoned Iron quarry a burned and battered robot, with it's wires trailing across the valley, stirred slightly. A little red sucker protruded from a hole, followed by the rest of the little demons body. It had no eyes or ears to speak of, but had a sense of smell beyond anything else on eEarth. It’s body was shaped like a plump spider (though it was the size of large dog), and it had hundreds of short tentacles poking out in writhing mess. It loped off up the valley, soon followed by thousands of similar demons.
They advanced as a horde, and soon reached a tiny village in eastern Orissa. Count Pheenic looked out the window of his manor house to see a red swarm streaming over the rise on the horizon. He ran down stairs and called the men of his village together; 53 in all. He sent the three off to Bhubaneswar to alert the king, while he used the nice round fifty left in the defence of the village. They drove stakes into the ground and sharpened their swords and arrows, knowing all the while this would be their last day.

But unfortunately Orissa had broken up into warring factions; so when the messengers reached the king (Lord Omad Spartacus Levelle) his forces were busy pillaging the villages of Count Arjaa Aine to the east, and he could also not care less about one tiny village in the west. The messengers slumped out of Bhubaneswar, but a man in wide brimmed hat who they had seen talking to another minister in the palace caught them up. His name was Kanda Bongo Man and he was disgusted that the king did not care about his people. He led the messengers to the previous King of eIndia, BroodroosterNL; where they discussed the problem. The former king decided to visit Didio, the wise old mage, to see if they could find a solution. The small old man told the president to go to deepest eArgentina to get the ancient q409 sword that was buried there. He took his loyal servant Anjan with him, while Kanda started on a campaign to bring the eIndian counts together. He first visited Count Arjaa Aine, who gave up his region that was under attack so he could take his army east towards the horde. Word spread and many independent soldiers offered to fight for Kanda, and after two days he rode the giant Panda Logomaster304 at the head of an army of 2000 to the defence of the Cuttack (Under Count Ambrose, a new member of the cause). The army was crushed by the hundreds of thousands of demons, but it showed eIndia that even ordinary people could make a difference.
Lord Blazed brought Cavalry from the north, Earl David Forde joined him with his army of fanatical tribal berserkers, Count Robert Knotsworth brought the Guild of Wizards amongst his own swordsmen, Count Ambrose from the east brought Singaporean Mercenaries and spearmen, and Count Akhand Bharat gathered a relatively small but elite band of archers from the south.
Together they presented a huge force of 10, 000 men and horses on the fields near Bhubaneswar, though the king had not helped with his own men. The demons (now numbering in the millions) were advancing toward them under the scarlet sky of the eDawn.

The battle lasted 24 hours (obviously). The army of eIndia decapitated hundreds upon hundreds of the demons at the border area, then in the Rural Area as they retreated.
They moved back to join the archers in the suburbia, where massacred many more demons. However the army numbered only 5000 now, the cavalry were past their use in such a city fight and the archers were forced to might hand to hand. They were pushed back again into the city, and finally into the Administration centre. There Kanda dismounted from Logomaster304 and fought side by side with the faithful giant panda as the demons overwhelmed them. Ambrose fought back to back with Blazed as they led a heroic defence of the Congress Council meeting rooms, David and Robert drew their swords and fought in the Billiards room (though they had to retreat into the lounge eventually), and Akhand and Arjaa decapitated demon after demon at the Didio monument while King Omad holed himself up in the Capital Building surrounded by his private army. Unfortunately none of these defences held up, and eIndia was on the verge of complete take over from demons from the core of eEarth.

But the fiends would not have victory. In the final 10 minutes of the battle BroodroosterNL rode up the city, brandishing the infamous q409 sword. Anjan rode next to him, bearing the standard of eIndia. The demons fled in it’s presence, and burned to a crisp as they did so. Kanda and Logomaster304 were revealed from beneath a pile of dead demons, Blazed and Ambrose smiled at each other as they pushed their way out of the Congress building, David and Robert began sweeping the burned remains out of the kitchen, Akhand and Arjaa gasped as they popped up from the blood stained waters of the Didio monument’s fountain.
BroodroosterNL took the jaws of a dead demon and placed it on his head, and so was king of all eIndian eIndia.
Omad fled to eAfganistan, and they all lived happily ever after.


A.V. Pujesh, Minister for Contemporary Mythology