New support system for citizens released in beta

Day 520, 08:23 Published in by Plato

The ticketing system, that has been launched today, will improve the communication between our team and eRepublik citizens, in addition to being a tool which can help our team expand by recruiting moderators from different countries (more details about this coming soon). This was an important feature on our to-do list, and it will replace the old contact form, based on email reports.

How it works
Your messages, suggestions, or complaints will be registered inside a special module. Each message (ticket), representing a task, will be assigned to a member of our team. In a few months, each citizen will be able to see every ticket that he or she has ever submitted to us, the status of that ticket, and our team's response to that particular ticket (one of the reasons why this system is now in beta). Until this feature is enabled, the resolution of each ticket will be sent to the person who reported it by e-mail. After the previously mentioned feature is available, citizens will have the option of disabling email notifications regarding submitted tickets.

How to submit a ticket
The ticketing system allows citizens to easily contact our team, using an intuitive two-step process. You can access the query for submitting a ticket from the contact page, or by using the report buttons placed on the profile pages of citizens and organizations, below newspaper articles, and on the pages displaying private messages.

The first step consists of selecting the appropriate subject for your ticket, and therefore the department that will assist you in solving the issue presented in the ticket. Selecting an inappropriate department will lead to a longer response time for your ticket, as our staff will have to forward it to the appropriate one. You may find a short list of guidelines regarding the community departments here: .

Common misconceptions consist of using the “Game Support” subject for messages that should be addressed to the “New Citizen Help Department”, “Appeal”, or “Bug Reports”. Also, please note that the “Press” subject is actually intended for matters concerning real life press. For issues concerning New World media, please use the “Report abusive content” subject.

The second step requires you to insert your name, email address, and the message that you wish to send us. Just as before, if you use the “Report abuse” buttons, a link to the reported page will be automatically inserted into your message. After submitting the ticket, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the indicated email address. Be careful when typing the email address, as that address will be used to give you further information regarding the submitted ticket.

Looking forward to your feedback,
The eRepublik Team