Breaking news: New Evidence on Presidental murder investigation!

Day 517, 12:05 Published in India Austria by H. S. Dovewatch

With the lenghy trials coming to a stand still, Police decided to reinvestigate the body and murder weapon.
However, they did not get very far as as soon as the Forensic scientist taking the body (which they had decided to let rot in the library) to the lab touched it the former president dissolved instantly. Also, the pipe was not lead but Doverite; which is only found on eMars.

After this was presented in court:
-The Judge turned into a Robot with two q3 weapons.

-Forde-Mustard had his q5 blunderbuss handy and blew him up.

-A huge robot landed on the roof and started shooting with it's q10 laser and was protected from harm by a personal q5 defence system and hospital.

-Revd. Blazed threw his priest robes over the robots only eye, Mr. Ambrose outsourced the company that was making it's hospitals and provided a kitten stomper which Prof. Robert used as a container to create a Chemical (Using the pipe stolen from evidence by Mr. Scrahit, his gold earings, and Mr. Anjan's disinfectant) that burned a hole in the robots casing, and finally the liutennant shot it in the hole which well and truly pwned it.

-The Indian army arrived and got the guests away unharmed.

-The army searched the dead robot and found the president tucked away in a tiny cage with his cudly dinosaur, asleep but unharmed.

-Soon after more giant robots landed across Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, and Romanian eIndia. They have been causing great destruction everywhere they landed, despite actions from the army. PEACE and ATLANTIS have both sent their armies against the robots, and in responce eMars has sent more robots. The current progression of the battle will be shown tommorow.

Goodnight and goodluck eIndia,

A.V. Pujesh, Minister for Galactic affairs.