Why make eAustralia Strong? Why Invest the time?

Day 508, 03:55 Published in Australia Australia by StewartB

I have been here nearly a month now, yes still a newbie in the eyes of some of the older players but hopefully growing and earning my keep as each day passes.

I am writing this article to give some insight into why I joined the community and why now I invest my time and money and passion into this online community.

I started as a stress release from my day to day job which is managing people in the IT Industry and found it a very addictive game as I went up the levels. I like the concept of having an online community which represents Australia and the views.

I stayed as I saw the passion of some of the people such as Corny Ratbag and our current PM Patti11. It was amazing to see and the ideas and the spirit impressed me no end. I also saw the side which made me less impressed with postings on newspapers that were less encouraging to the new players. I wanted to encourage the positive I saw here and discourage the bad behaviours.

In the real world there is too much negativity and people are so caught up in their owns lives they don't always lend a hand where they should to their fellow man. I am hoping through eAustralia we can show how society should be a balance between the economy and also helping our fellow man. To me once you have earnt enough money for food each day and a house then you should be sharing your extra wealth to help those around you. I know this sounds idealistic but hey wouldn't it be wonderful if we can build a strong country on this principle?

I have in the past month met some wonderful people who do share this view and have been impressed with the fact if I need money they share openly and without asking for repayment. I in turn have continued on this tradition with others, in turn this has encouraged others and I have seen them do the same passing on the money as they become successful themselves.

I have also seen many people stay with Eureka Holdings even though I do not pay the higher wages as they know I pass the money onto the needy. This has been heartening and has kept me interested in the game.

I am hoping that this can continue and the people around me grow stronger and more passionate about making eAustralia strong and then I hope that it spills out into the real world improving local communitees.

Join me in making the country stronger and passing on your wealth to others and also most of all passing on your knowledge and welcoming new people to the game and encouraging them to stay.

"Let's Build a Smarter, Fairer eAustralia"

P.S If you share my views add me as a friend and vote for me in the upcoming Congress Elections.

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