South Africa's New Cabinet: Ride the Jizzie Juggernaut into History

Day 503, 11:04 Published in South Africa Sweden by Jizzie McGuire

Greetings my friends. Thank you South Africa, for re-electing me to the highest office in the land. I am humbled by your confidence in me and am truly honored to lead you once again. You can rest assured that you will see some real progress in this country and I am confident that during my second term, there will be some serious changes and real steps towards total Liberation. I will need all South Africans to step up and play an active role in making our whole country united and free, however, as one man cannot do this alone. South Africa has made it clear that it wants action, so action it will get.

Before I list my Vice President and cabinet for this term, I’d like to take a moment to thank Bazti and Ryan Dagari for running clean and competitive campaigns. Bazti proved to be an even tougher opponent than I thought and Mr. Dagari, despite his poor showing, brought a different perspective into politics and new ways of looking at government that should seriously be considered. Special thanks also go to Zagarius for making the campaign more interesting and entertaining with his unique interviews. I hope to create my own short video today if I find the time.

Now on to the sexy cabinet! Keep in mind that all of these appointees are tentative until the nominee accepts either here or in a pm to me. I will report the final cabinet to you as soon as it is finalized. Ambassadors will be chosen by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and will be ratified by me. Ministers will also be given the option of creating departments within their ministries, but department heads are subject to my approval. So without further ado, let me introduce to you, South Africa’s sexiest cabinet ever!

Vice President – Howard Roan
Minister of Finance – Hireshmont Vellos
Minister of Foreign Affairs – Bazti
Minister of Justice & Constitutional Development – Peter D. Banko
Minister of Energy & Minerals – Boere Generaal
Minister of Media & Public Relations – Zagarius
Minister of Security – Rico Suave
Defense Dept. – Brendan Austerion
Intelligence (SAIA) – Ryan Dagari
Ministry of Social Affairs – Gabriel Borien
Education, Employment, Health Dept. heads are up to Borien to appoint

If you see your name here, please comment or pm me with your response.

Thanks again, South Africa for voting me into office once again. I am proud to serve this great country and I promise not to disappoint you. Keep staying so damn sexy, South Africa.