LSD Monthly Awards: Repaying service with acid

Day 503, 04:20 Published in United Kingdom Australia by Patrick Reckitt

This will be the first monthly Liberal Social Democrat party awards. There will is a non-specific number of awards, one of which (just one at the moment, the Filipinos extracted my money from me) will be in the form of one Q5 piece of food. The rest shall be rewarded with group hugs and the secret stash of LSD LSD.

So, without further ado here are the couple of awards:

HazzN, for providing vital momentum to the Party and always being around to make useful contributions. We wish him the best of luck in the Philippines.


Bestie, JudgeDJ and SparkieGeek for coming up with the idea of LSD Industries and for always being on IRC to discuss things and help flesh out the Party.

By virtue of being the youngest, the Q5 food goes to JudgeDJ.To the rest, your hugs are availible.

Thank you to everyone in the LSD for providing momentum as well, there are many others who have not been mentioned who are invaluable to the Party.