Returning to America, Long live the AGU

Day 502, 13:50 Published in Germany Canada by Emperor Rick

Today I return to the United States, having spent over a week in the Austrian German Union fighting to maintain your national sovereignty. I regret that my participation was futile though, however I maintain the belief that their victory in liberating Austria is not permanent. As long as Germans and Austrians alike resist PEACE, and believe in a union there is hope still yet.

While I understand AGUs decision to join Atlantis was a controversial one at the time, today most AGU members agree that it was the right choice. PEACE was the alliance that had attempted to blackmail your submission into their alliance. Your government knew the consequences of refusing, but instead of bowing before them you chose to stick to your principals and joined Atlantis. For that you have a special place of honor in my heart.

In my time in the AGU I have gained many new friends and comrades. The experiences you have shared with me will not be forgotten.

Es lebe die österreichische Deutsch Union