Up-to-date dynamic world map version 2.0

Day 492, 15:09 Published in Germany Canada by Lhasa

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Hello to all of my present (and future!) subscribers,
Now that the map is completely dynamic, adding features doesn’t take quite as long anymore! That is why I can already present to you the second version of my world map!

This version includes a population map, a defense map and a hospital map in addition to the present features! This information is now also displayed when hovering over the regions.

Future features include: highlighting of regions that are being fought over, a raw materials map and easier zoom handling! But these might take a while to implement; I do also have a life outside of this game 😉

Also new in this version is the Sponsor Plaque. I will sell space on this plaque to in-game players and organizations. This means that if you are a traveling businessman, a company manager or a newspaper publisher you can advertise your in-game offers on my map as one of my official sponsors! All you have to do is contact me about rates. The page so far has gotten more than 2000 visitors each day. That is more than the number one international news gets in votes.

Thanks to everyone for the awesome feedback!

Here the link to the Map:

Best wishes

ps.: aside from my own personal political view about the german atlantis situation.
I have already stated before the alliance map is a representation of the currently listed members from both wiki pages. If changes are made there from the people responsible to make those changes I of course will also update the map.