Congratulations to the New Congress

Day 492, 08:44 Published in South Africa Sweden by Jizzie McGuire

Greetings South Africans. My friends, I'd like to take a moment to congratulate all the new members of Congress for their victories in yesterday's election. It was an election fraught with fear and suspicion, but in the end, I do not think the results will be to the detriment of South Africa's future. I see many trusted names among you from all parties and I know that you all will work hard and contribute to the progress of our nation and the achievement of our goals.

It is particularly good to see that the DRB and Proud African parties have increased their presence in Congress and I congratulate them for their good fortune. I have been a friend of the founder of the Democratic, Red & Black party, Ryan Dagari, for some time and am very happy to see his pary make such gains after he has worked so hard in the shadow of the FA and BLF behemoths. Nevertheless, I do hope to continue working closely with Ryan in the government, through our parties, and personally in securing the future of South Africa. I would also like to reach out to the Proud Africans and hear their voice more in the Congress and the media. Their showing also proves that the people want the voice of Proud Africa to be heard. And of course, my friends in the SACP are well-represented by our VP Joey the Redd, even if they are not a major segment of Congress.

That all being said, I am not ignorant of the fact that at least some of the success attained by these parties was a residual effect of the failed PTO attempt. To those Brazilians who succeeded in being elected, I will not judge you without having worked with you. I know that some of you do hope to help South Africa, but many think that others may have more malignant plans for our country. I will not persecute all for the sake of a few however, and am approaching our relationhip with a blank slate. However, you should know that even though we are a small country, we do have a skilled and experienced intelligence network that is not afraid to investigate congressmen, presidents or anyone else who has influence in South Africa. We have survived invasion and several PTOs and attempted PTOs in the past, but they have only made us stronger and more able to deal with the next inevitable attack. If there is any seditious or illegal activity being committed, our people will discover it. We also have a Constitution which you should become familiar with, and a highly competent justice system led by the Honorable Justice Peter D. Banko.

As for the major parties, the Free Africa and Black Lion Front, I hope to see continued cooperation between each other and with my administration. I congratulate the Free Africans for their resounding victory, once again, and I am looking forward to working well with you this term as we did in the last. I have had such a good relationship with so many FA members these last few weeks that I often forget which party you are from, nor do I care. I am also very proud of the members of my own party, the BLF, and their solid campaign results. You are all good friends who built the party into what it is today and put me where I am.

Finally, let me take a moment to thank the last congress for serving our country so well for the past month. I wish the best to those who are leaving, and for those of you who were re-elected, welcome back and once again, congratulations my sexy friends.