New dynamic world map always up-to-date

Day 491, 03:44 Published in Germany Canada by Lhasa

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Hello to our subscribers and new readers,

this is the third article in my quest to supply a proper game map and I am happy to inform everyone that we finally reached our goal.

I present to you the new auto-updated dynamic flash map: (if spaces were added, please remove them)

Hovering over the regions will display the region name and current owner; clicking the regions will open the ingame region info in a new window; if you want to zoom in, simply right click and do so!
You can also change the political map to the alliance map by clicking on the buttons at the bottom.
*if it doesn't work you will have to install and enable adobe flash (it should work with chrome, ie, firefox)

The data will be updated once every day!

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I would also like to thank everyone for all the feedback I have been getting in the past few weeks. Without you this map wouldn’t be as good and I would probably not have been as motivated in completing this project!

Of course donations are always welcome. If the admins are interested in the map please feel free to contact me.


update: the alliance map represents the official member lists on the wiki! If that is not the most recent version, I would like to ask the pr offices of the alliances to keep those pages updated!