The Ultimate Showdown: Donovanator v. Jewitt

Day 490, 14:14 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

The following is a review article written by friend Mike Wolverton under the pen name Michael Hunt. Only the "To Do List" had been written by Jewitt, and the entirety of this has been reviewed and edited by Mr. Wolverton. Tennessee, we at The Report hope you look thoroughly into the candidates as this surely is the Ultimate Showdown of this month's congressional elections as the big boys come out fists bared: Jewitt of the UIP and National economic fame, and Donovanator of the CVP with party leadership and standing anti-Majority stances in Congress.

The Match Up

Donovanator of the Conservative Party is the same e-Age as Jewitt, as they both were e-Born in November. They are both V1 "babies" and were avid critics of the reckless spending habits of the Congress of November (12th Congressional Body) and the mistakes of the 13th Congressional.

Both ran for Congress in December, where both had very similar views. Both promised the same outcomes, but had different methods for getting to those points. In the end, the USWP "zombie" Davduke came in 3rd, one vote behind Donovanator whom came in second. Jewitt won over Donovanator by a close single vote.

December was when Jewitt helped lead the Comprehensive Tax Policy Act which was seen as very unpopular due to its raising of income taxes to 10% and lowering VAT abroad. Donovanator, while not in Congress, expanded his horizons after a brief eRepublik break to become a leading member of the then-RfC (eRepublikans for Change). When the name of his party shifted to the Conservative Party, he stood alone as a leading recruitment head as well as advocate of conservatism within the game.

In mid-January, both announced they planned to run for Congress again. Jewitt had changed from a "conservative economist" to his current views: That of functionality and manipulating the game mechanics for efficiency. Donovanator stood by his "low taxes, conservative spending" platforms. Both ran a tight race and it was expected to be as close as the previous one in December but Jewitt won by over 10 votes more than his Conservative Party competitor.

In February, the Emergency Tax Plan (Called "Legislative Order One" by Jewitt) was released after a coalition of multiple congressmen from multiple parties were joined by Jewitt's leadership to form an emergency plan to prevent the economy of collapsing from the Federal Reserve hacking. Jewitt would go on to represent the Emergency Tax Plan despite its extremely unpopular approval rating. After a week of public relations duty, Jewitt stopped advocating the Emergency Tax Plan and began working with the Economic Council to form a tax policy which would be more permanent.

During this time, Donovanator grew within the CVP in popularity and pretense, voicing against the high taxation and began to rival the Emergency Tax Plan and the rumored "High Income, Low VAT" policy the Economic Council would eventually release to Congress for debate and approval.

For the February elections, Jewitt would not run for Congress due to personal reasons and preparing for a run at the eWhite House. During this time, Donovanator would go against Hurling (current Party President of the Libertarians) and eventually win the elections to be Tennessee's third congressman since the release of V1 - with Zudak (Libertarian) being the first and Jewitt being the second.

Jewitt, originally for the "High VAT, Low Income" policy reluctantly approved to present the opposite proposal, for which Donovanator criticized Jewitt on.

Currently, Jewitt stands by the PANEC Tax Policy (20% Income, 3% VAT across the board) as both a Former Congressman and member of the Economic Council. His reasoning is that it promotes a strong and healthy economy without disabling consumer purchasing power extensively. "Quite frankly, the fact that our dollar keeps appreciating in value is a testament to the [tax] policy's strength as an economic perfection."

Donovanator is staunchly against the taxes and has butted heads with many within Congress, mostly USWP members, over "unnecessary" spending, such as the Meals on Wheels program and the high income tax. After a failed attempt to lower taxes on weapons during war, Donovanator said "It's a wonder half of you are still in office." Jewitt stood for keeping the taxes as they were, as it provided additional income during the losing battles and only stressed a small burden on the weapons purchases of citizens.

Currently, Donovanator and Jewitt are the only candidates in Tennessee: The original big-players and hot names in the bars and clubs of Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Even Jewitt's hometown of Cookeville is rumored to be abuzz...then again in-game it does not exist so we cannot confirm that.

The Platforms and Popularity

Donovanator's platform is very much similar to that of his previous three. He is pushing for lower taxation on income, as well as limiting government spending altogether. He does advocate, as with Jewitt, increased war activity and has not thrown out the idea of expansionism.

Jewitt's platform is completely new compared to his last two, as he barely addresses key topics until the end. His entire premise is to look at the game's functions and the mechanics it allows and try to manipulate them to make teUS more efficient. Not quite straight forward, but he has written multiple articles on the fact.

Donovanator is the Chief Editor of The Word, a well-managed informational publication with 288 subscribers and is ranked 14th in the national rankings. His popularity is strong, especially for the Conservative base in Tennessee. His popularity, like Jewitt's, is not limited to the state as many CVP members claim to agree and support Donovanator.

Jewitt is the Chief Editor of The Jewitt Report, an editorial which releases both informational and satirical articles. It boasts 295 subscribers and is ranked 13th in the nation. His popularity is strong in Tennessee, but he also holds claim to many supporters outside of the state.


There you go Tennessee. Now it is up to you to decide: Do you want the ever-popular principled and factual conservative conservative incumbent for low income taxation, or the previous two-term Congressman with national economic popularity?

Make your decision on the 25th in this landmark of an election.

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To Do List:

Check out Jewitt's platform here.

Check out Donovanator's platform here.

On the 25th, get out and vote. It's the only thing that separates us from the Indonesians. That and pie, at least.

-Michael Hunt, Senior Corespondent