My Congressional Platform

Day 488, 14:48 Published in USA Romania by Donovanator

I am running for re-election for Congress from Tennessee. This is my Platform.

In real life, conservatives hold these principles to be true: Limited government, its OUR money not the governments (low taxes), and strong military (national security). I will take each one of these and apply it to eRep.

Limited Government. In eRep that means that the gov only do what it NEEDS to. As far as I know, that is: new citizen fee, and everything else associated with strong military/national security (MPP, paying for training wars, stockpiling money/weapons, etc). Appropriate hospitals. That is it.

1. I am completely against Meal on Wheels, both on principle and practical reasons. It will be hard to control and oversight and there are plenty of other means to help noobs.

2. In the spirit of limited government, which really means limited government spending, I will constantly push for accountability in spending, something that has been lacking. I am for setting up seperate orgs for each part of the gov, but in particuluarly the military. An org for stockpiling money (for war), one for the weapons companies, one for MPPs, each task should have its own seperate org, and a different person put in charge of each. The issue that I have not decided is should the money go directly from the treasury (requiring a proposal/vote for each movement) or into a common pot/org and then dispersed. I lean more to the second one right now.

3. This will be further discussed, but military spending has to be cost effective. While I might not be a big fan of it, I understand the need for helping our allies, but if we are to spend money on that, I want it to maximize its benefits (no money on tanks, but instead on Marines so they can rank up). Only occassionally should weapons be provided during training wars.

Our Money Taxes should be as low as possible. One of the biggest current use of tax revenue is stockpiling money/weapons. An avenue of additional revenue could be the printing money. It should be explored to the fullest. The government should be funded, but not in a manner that leads to wasting money.

Strong Military I wrote this on the forums about a week ago based on my constituents Alphamega3's recommendations. Our overall focus should be on creating the foundation for fighting and winning a sustained war.

Reasons for going to war.
1) Self Defense or in Defense of An Ally
2) To obtain an high quality iron region (see below)
3) To prevent PTO in neighboring countries, but only if it is clear and we can defeat the enemy quickly.
4) In a well coordinated attack with Atlantis, but not to support unilateral aggression of an ally.
5) To obtain a training area, even though negotiation would be best and frankly, I do not think you can obtain a training area by conquest for sooner or later Peace will strike back in force.
6) Any declaration of war should include a funding request and a clear purpose of why war should be started and also the end game (what is the goal?)
6) The Military should develop plans for all the above.

Develop financial resources for sustained war.
1) Stockpile money, gold and weapons (tickets?) to fight a sustained war, but ONLY use these resources when absolutely necessary, NEVER depleting them so you have no ability to defend oneself.
2) When weapons prices jump during war, get rid of all weapons import taxes and possibly increase VAT taxes to keep the same cash flow.
3) Build hospitals more than DS, and put them in every state so we all do not have to move to Florida in order to maximize our ability to fight. Another way to say this is prioritize hospitals over DS and actually make the current plan happen.

Develop Weapons Industry to Provide sufficient number of weapons at a reasonable price
1) Fight on a regular basis so the demand is constant. (Training wars). Increase VAT tax on weapons to pay for cost of training wars (sort of like how the gasoline tax is used to fund highways...more of a user fee than a tax.)
2) Obtain high grade iron resource to maximize weapons production (see above).
3) Provide loans to weapons company start ups to encourage.
4) Cut weapons industry income tax cut to encourage workers to work there.

Please vote for me for Congress.