74th Congress of the eUSA- Down to Business

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The Speaker's Wor😨 74th Congress, Vol. 2 - The Last 2 Weeks in Congress

Welcome to THE SPEAKER'S WOR😨 The Official Journal of the eUSA Congress.

Dateline: Saturday, February 14 (Day 227😎
Location: 74th US Congress
Editor: The Wild Card
Music: Paddy’s Pub
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The Last 2 Weeks Forum Congressional Activity Reports

- The week of Feb. 3rd Sign In saw quorum set to 20 with a sign in total of 39. After having such a successful initial sign-in, this result was somewhat disappointing. It did not, however, hinder lively debate in Congress!

-We passed a budget for the month of February as our first order of business after organization. The budget saw an increase in military spending. With all the wars going on, it's a good thing we did.

-The eUSA has joined a new alliance called Sirius. I know, I know, "why so Sirius?" Right? 😛 The founding members of this alliance are Croatia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and us. This alliance will stand in direct competition with the Serbian-led Asteria Alliance. Needless to say, there is still much wooing of other nations happening on both sides and even the potential for a third non-trivial alliance group to form.

Even though Congress only just ratified the charter, this alliance has been a long time in the making. Several months of relationship building and negotiation by our Foreign Affairs people made this happen. Thanks to everyone who spent time on this for all of their hard work.

-Congress ratified a NAP with China. China approached the eUSA, looking to take our relationship a step forward and we responded positively. This was seen as somewhat of a coup as the eUSA has been seeking better relations with China for a long time and had not had much success getting an agreement through their Congress. Hopefully, this agreement will pave the way to a closer cooperation with our friends in the Far East.

-Congress enacted a new program called Operation Retread (ORP). In order to plan for the future effectiveness of our fighting forces, this program forms a government subsidized program to establish a stronger presence for our military in the lower divisions. This partnership would give new life and usefulness, and hopefully fun, to some of the lower strength players in their respective divisions and give them a chance to start anew with all the benefits of experience and monetary advantage. The budget was then amended to reflect the needs of the fledgling ORP.

-Congressional Sign In for the week of Feb. 10th saw 36 people sign in and quorum set to 19.

In Game Congressional Activity

In-game Proposals

Mutual Protection Pact with Germany - Accepted
Mutual Protection Pact with Finland - Accepted
Your country has received an invitation to join Circle of Trust alliance - Declined
Donate $400,000 to Congressional Budget Office? - Accepted
Your country has received an invitation to join Circle of Trust alliance - Declined
Mutual Protection Pact with Republic of China - Accepted
Your country has received an invitation to join Circle of Trust alliance - Declined
Mutual Protection Pact with Turkey - Accepted
Mutual Protection Pact with Indonesia - Accepted
Canada has been proposed as a Natural Enemy - Accepted
Mutual Protection Pact with Italy - Accepted
Mutual Protection Pact with Brazil - Accepted

The Week Ahea😨

There has been no new activity since sign-in on Monday and the passage of the amended budget. Next on the slate will be the appointment and approval of the Director of the Operation Retread Program.

Congress will also possibly be amending the budget again to reflect the end of our rental agreement with Ireland. The eUS occupation liberation of Kanada has rendered the resources we were renting from Ireland redundant and gives us an opportunity to reset the determination of our foreign territory resources without any breaks in bonuses for the eUSA.

Other than that we'll just keep on keeping on. You do the same. o/

The Wild Card on behalf of the 74th Congressional Team
Speaker of the House Molly Emma and Deputy Speakers Delyruin and Maxmillian VonWillebrand
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74th Congress; Vol. 2 - Down to Business