Day 473, 11:51 Published in Pakistan Romania by Victor Petrescu

Congressmen of the Nation of Matzalandia (former /v/akistan),
I urge you to follow these orders:
- STAY in Matzalandia, your efforts will be rewarded.
- DO NOT PROPOSE any laws, we need the law slots free.
- ASK if you have a problem.

I know that the money isn't what you've expected, but it will be, I am remaking the calculations after paying for the tickets on the latest elections and you will receive your well earned gold.

The actions of a handful of brave men are as important as the actions of our entire Army.
Our ally Romania needs you in Congress.

Ask, shout at me, buzz me UNTIL your problems are solved but STAY THERE.
I won't mind if you ask me anything related to our proud dictatorship, Matzalandia.