Official statement about the RW in Romania

Day 471, 23:31 Published in Pakistan Switzerland by Theocratic Pantheon
Bellinzona - The government of Theocratic Nation of Switzerland, after a brief meeting, decided to start an RW in the territory of Transnistria controlled by the nation of eRomania.

This is a direct response to the aggression act, officially supported by the President of eRomania dsalageanu, towards the bro state of ePakistan and to the threats sent to our government from various members of eRomania cabinet.

From now on every diplomatic relationship will be reduced to the minimum and the Theocratic Holy Army will be employed in military actions against the territory of eRomania, until the sovereignty of ePakistan will be restored.

Be assure😛 we will not tire, we will not falther and we will not fail.