CP Manifesto Pt4: HazzN on FUN!

Day 470, 13:02 Published in United Kingdom Philippines by HazzN

This is the final part of my manifesto.

Community Projects and Fun Fun Fun

eRepublik is a game. It's a fact that many seem to forget.

Game, defines by Google: an amusement or pastime

By this definition, it should be fun. The forum is the heart of eUK, and for those who are politically minded, this is where the fun lives. However, sometimes things can get heated on the forum. I think many of us are guilty of taking debates over the line into flame wars, and though things have been quieter of late, I would still like an "Official Code of Conduct" to be written up to remind Lords and Congressmen that they should not be intimidating the general public of eUK.

Not everyone has an interest in Politics, and often this is the cause of people not venturing onto our boards. This can put them at a disadvantage, when it comes to benefits, election choices and other such important issues that they should be aware of. To change this I suggest more forum based games and social activities. Already many Congressmen are starting competitions in individual regions, which is a great way to introduce those new citizens to forum life. However, this can prove costly and in some regions ineffective, as it weighs heavily on all regions having active Congressmen. Taking this into consideration, I would like to lower the Congressional Allowance for regional competitions, and would like to increase the amount of National Competitions, all of which should be heavily advertised in-game, to encourage more activity on the forum.

Not all activities need to be in the form of competitions. Already we have seen the first batch of inter-regional war, which I started one lazy Friday afternoon. They seem to appeal to citizens sense of regional pride, as well as giving the more military minded something to do. Already work is being put into into a set of rules(a special thanks to Wyli, IndieKid and a few others on this), heavy advertising in-game, and perhaps the creation of a regional map, we could turn this into quite a crowd pleaser.

Of course this has absolutely no effect on the Congress elections or anything else. It is simply fun.

This concludes my manifesto. If you like what you see, remember to "Vote HazzN" in the CP Elections March '09.

For those who don't know me, visit the eUK Forums and strike up conversation. Or PM me with any questions or queries.