CP Manifesto Pt3: HazzN on Economics and Foreign Affairs

Day 470, 10:42 Published in United Kingdom Philippines by HazzN

Some may say these aren't exactly original ideas, and perhaps they are right. But what is the point in revamping eUK with every new President? Why not build on the legacy left behind by your predecessor, to keep things flowing ever forwards?


The economy is a fragile thing, and easily damaged from both internal and external factors. Though a socialist, I fear producing too many government run companies would bank rupt a large number of businesses, potentially having long lasting damage to our economy. However, this is not to say I support an entirely capitalist view on business, and detest both opportunistic general managers that hike prices during war time, and those who severely undercut to make a quick buck.

The Reputable Retail Price was a suggestion put to the House of Commons when I was a Congressmen (not by me mind you) and was rejected because it was felt that the average citizen would always purchase the cheapest product. This is true. However, I am also of the opinion, that the majority of bulk purchases in eUK are made by the Government. Personally, I would much rather buy from good companies, with good relationships with the government, then those with perhaps questionable ethics. By over hauling, polishing and re-introducing the RRP, companies can compete with each other for government contracts.

What contracts are these? You may be thinking. Already we have stock piles in Q1 and Q3 weapons to help provide the military. I would like to see similar stock piles in Travel tickets and gifts. As mentioned in Part 2 of my manifesto, in times of crisis, prices tend to soar. By purchasing during peace time, prices can be kept low saving eUK the tax payers money. By buying in bulk, we may earn a discount. By spreading the buying, we can help make eUK's economy healthy all year round. This will provide businesses that meet our RRP, good business all year round.

Foreign Affairs

You may be disappointed by my lack of Foreign Affairs, but when it comes down to it, we have so many issues at home to be taking care of before we make waves elsewhere.

There has been a lot of talk about UK potentially leaving ATLANTIS or joining ESA. I would like to make clear that, in its current state, I have no intention of joining ESA. I believe it will cause nothing but problems between us and our current Allies, who have been good to us in the past. I can not see the point in replacing one Military Super Alliance for another. Better the devil you know after all. If however, ESA were to remain a totally social group, then I may reconsider that decision.

I do however like the idea of adding a little foreign culture to our lives, and would like to encourage an international forum of sorts. This does not necessarily need to be related to ESA or Atlantis but a meeting place for international friends would certainly spice up eUK forums. This will only come into being if Admin staff are in agreement.

Secondly, leaving ATLANTIS is not an option at the moment. Even if I were against ATLANTIS, which I’m not, I would still not even consider leaving the alliance. Until that day comes when we have military to stand up to the eIndonesians, and the treasury to support us will I ever consider leaving. I imagine by that time, I will be long retired. When it comes down to it, we need them. If we have issues with members of ATLANTIS, which I know many citizens do, then we should work together to resolve those problems. I will work tirelessly with other members of ATLANTIS to take a good look at the Treaty and adapt it to the ever-changing eRepublik World. Most importantly, however, I will do my utmost to make sure that this updated Treaty is followed by ALL members.

Part Four to follow soon.

A Bob Boblo Award for longest manifesto ever is coming my way perhaps?