CP Manifesto Pt2: HazzN on Military Advancement

Day 470, 00:23 Published in United Kingdom Philippines by HazzN

This is part two of a series of articles that make up my manifesto. For me, and for many, this is an important aspect of the game, which seems to be getting overlooked in eUK. All military organisations in eUK recruit regularly, yet seem to rarely see any action. To improve our soldiers, we need to fight, and this is what this section is all about.

Military Advancement

With all this saving going on, our coffers will soon be filling up. If we are to escape this crisis unsinged, I will be looking to focus our spending on our military. This is a staggered plan for the future. If we can not produce the money required, I will not send us head first into a war that we can not afford.

However, I am looking to find the fun a little, for both myself and the citizens of eUK. This game after all, is partly a war game, and so I feel focus should be spent building our military forces. I am not suggesting that we turn our nation into an imperialistic bully that cuts through smaller nations without mercy, but I would like to see more active use of our forces.

War is good for the health of our nation. It increases wellness, and allows business to boom. A majority of our nations business is dependent on war (eg weapons, travel tickets, to an extent gifts) and so this can be an excellent boost to General Managers everywhere.

A few suggestions for this include:
1. Permanent Royal Navy bases abroad in allied territory such as US and Romania. This will take advantage of any battles they take part in.

2. MPP's with nations likely to be at war. Currently our list of MPP's include mostly peace loving folk. If we are to see any action, this needs to be changed. We can do this by joining forces with very militarily active countries such as US and Romania, or by "renting" our military out to nations in need, such as India.

3. Friendly skirmishes with our allies, such as the US. Though this will be draining to our funds, it will offer our troops an excellent chance to gain experience, health and force points. Of course, this is ENTIRELY dependent on us regaining financial control and moving out of our economical crisis.

For me, I would like to see Fortress Britain become a reality. We should have a military we can be proud of; one that will not be knocked down by our enemies. Currently we have three people in the top 100, and only one in terms of force. Our average strength hangs around the 2Str mark. For 3rd highest ranked nation in the eWorld, this is not on! We need to provide our citizens with the opportunity to fight, and gain battle experience.

To really succeed at war, either offensive or defensive, we must have top quality soldiers and the funds to back them up. On top of that we need a never ending supply of equipment to prevent military personnel from fighting with their bare hands. This is why I would fully support stock piling equipment from government friendly businesses during peace time. Not only will this save the government cash, as prices tend to sky rocket around war time; it will allow businesses reliant on war, the opportunity to do well in peace time.

To reiterate; I am not a war monger. I will not take us to war unless it is absolutely necessary, and certainly not if the funds are not there to support us. However, for us to put forward a good defense, our troops need to gain military experience. The best way to do this, would be in controlled theatre wars between our allies.