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Day 468, 08:13 Published in Croatia Croatia by Dorian Derezic
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
I am the Beginning and the End of Time
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
My whole creation stands before me tonight

#2 is out with some changes.
There is no more Monex Offers, I am still woking on replacement.
I am really glad that you accepted this type of articles.
If there is something that you dislike or think that it should be done differently,
feel free to post it in a comment.


1.1 New World Map Day 467
1.2 Fastest way to become Media Mogul
1.3 Alliances
1.4 Company Management
1.5 Austro-Greman Empire
1.6 Romanian Military

2.Military Section
2.1 Austria vs.Germany
2.2 Pakistan vs. Iran
2.3 Spain vs. France

3.Forum section
3.1 Popular Topics
3.2 Arena
3.3 Buying, Selling or Looking for a Loan


1.1 New World Map Day 467

MoonlightShadow updated the map of eRepublik, and posted it in an article
«eR map: Updates + Improvements.»
The map is in high resolution, all of the regions are named, and population of the countries is added
You can download it HERE, it`s virus free.
Size: 9,4 Mb

1.2 Fastest way to become Media Mogul

There is a way, but unfortunately it has already been used by Omae who published an article called «5 gold in 5 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 after few hours!!! ENGLISH UPDATED !»
In that article he explained to his readers that if they vote, subscribe, unsubscribe and subscribe again to his newspaper a bug will occur and after a couple of hours they would get 5 gold.
This was of course a scam to get Media Mogul medal, which he did.
Later he published another article in which he apologized to his naive readers
«From zero to Media Mogul»

1.3 Alliances

Here is a couple of articles about Atlantis, Peace and ESA.

First is about Atlantis written by Dishmcds – one of the creators of that alliance.
«Atlantis – From a Father`s Perspective.»
Dishmcds describes the beginnings of the alliance, its glory and strenght, but then makes a big turn and starts to talk about the bad sides of Atlantis and things which happened that had direct effect on the alliance and it`s politics.
He forsees the crumbling of Atlantis in the future because of USA and it`s politics that breaks the rules of Atlantis.

Second one is about PEACE and ESA by Sturmwehr.
The article «Vox Hungarica II - 2 Nap, 3 eSzövetség - PEACE & ESA -»
talks about PEACE GC – it`s members, army, politics, and operating system.
I really liked the part where he quoted part of the PEACE charter:
«The PEACE Global Community shall be established as a defensive alliance that will pursue peace in good faith.»
You can see that it completely differs from their actual politics.

The second part of the text talks about ESA, and it`s members and would-be members.
He states that Croatia is one of the countries that has shown interest in that alliance, and that it would like to become a member.

The third article «Why Alliances Just Don`t Work[EPIC]» talks about some of the reasons why big alliances are crumbling.
It was written by Banach.
He tells us that all looks great on paper, but when it`s time to act it all falls apart because of the way this alliances were built, and because of a big numbr of members they have.
You cannot sign MPP-s with everybody because they are expensive, and that is the reason why nobody wants to sign it with some little countries that deseperately need help.

1.4 Company Management

Moishe published a great tutorial about company management and ways to make your products noticed on the market.
This is a great help for all those who are starting their business, but need a little push in the right direction.
The article is «Notes on Company Management»

1.5 Austro-Greman Empire

Another one from Sturmwehr: «Vox Hungarica II - Osztrák-Német Birodalom Gy.I.K. - Olvasói Levél»
He talks about the merging of Austria and Germany, and it`s effects on the region.
He says that PEACE GC approved this merging but has distanced itself from any future interference.
Sturmwehr also talks about the positive aspects on Hungary that would come with this Empire.
He also states that one of the prime reasons for this action was German negotiations with Atlantis representatives, so PEACE had to act fast and secure this region by any means possible.

1.6 Romanian Military

It looks like the president of Romania dsalageanu is not pleased with the military force they have and has plans to make it even bigger and stronger.
He described everything in «Siguranta nationala si politica demografica [BBC]»
Also he announced that Russia will pay for their actions in Norway.
I think it will be fun to watch poor Russians lose their country. Again.
dsalageanu also says that Romania is prepared to use any means necessary to achieve their goals. No Limits, No Morality.

2.Military Section

2.1 Austria vs.Germany

The battle takes place in Bavaria.
If you want to fight for Austria there is a Q4 Hospital in Salzburg.
Germany has 4 allies: Turkey, Portugal, Hungary, Brazil.
Q5 Hospital in Germany can be found in Schleswig-Holstein
Q5 Hospitals in Brazil are in North Region and South Region
Q5 Hospital in Hungary is in Western Transdanubia
Q5 Hospital in Portugal is in Lisboa
Q5 Hospital in Turkey is in Central Greece

2.2 Pakistan vs. Iran

Battle is in Gansu
Pakistan has 1 ally: Mexico
Q4 Hospital in Pakistan is in Shanghai
Q4 Hospital in Mexico is in The Central Highlands
Q5 Hospitals in Iran are in Jharkhand and Liaoning

2.3 Spain vs. France

Aquitaine is the battlefield.
Spain has Q5 Hospitals in Andalucia, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands
France has 3 allies: Indonesia, Iran, Hungary
Q5 Hospital in France is in Rhone-Alps
Q5 Hospitals in Iran are in Jharkhand and Liaoning
Q5 Hospital in Hungary is in Western Transdanubia
Q5 Hospitals in Indonesia is in Western Cape

3.Forum section

3.1 Popular Topics

Here are some of the more popular topics on the forum:
1. Goons: Do they Exist?
2. Lets Unite & Politically Takeover Indonesia & Romania
3. eBiH-coming soon to eRepublik
4. Support keeping Mexican regions!
5. USA vs. Mexico

3.2 Arena

Here`s a couple of fun contests:
1. Guess my profile picture
Everything about this contest started by Benn Dover can be found HERE

2. What is he doing in Paris?
What is Alexis Bonte really doing in Paris?

3.3 Buying, Selling or Looking for a Loan

1.Black Hole inc selling Q1 weapon company
2.A Organizacao selling Q1 iron company
3.Grupo Nadine selling 2 Q5 defense systems
4.nardsun is giving loans up to 15 gold
5.Sard is selling Q1 house

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Dorian Derezic a.k.a. Alpha & Omega