An Announcement and a Little Introduction

Day 467, 13:55 Published in United Kingdom Philippines by HazzN


I'm HazzN. Some of you may know me already from the eUK forums, but I'm guessing most of you will not. It is my intention to run in the Country President elections in the month of March, so I thought I should write an article making myself known and explaining a little of what I am about.

First and foremost, this is a resume of sorts, not my manifesto. That will come very soon.

Who Am I?
I've already told you my name is HazzN, but really what is in a name? I've been a citizen of eUK for four months; a short time, some of you may think, and far too inexperienced to be President. I don't think this is the case.

Since my eBirth, I have accumulated three Hard Workers medals, and I am merely days away from my fourth. Four medals in four months, that's dedication for you; but not hard, even if I did work on Christmas day. I am also highly active on the eUK forums; logging in multiple times a day and spending several hours with my party and my region.

I am dedicated, hard working, and most importantly, completely addicted to eRepublik. If you vote for me, there is no risk of me vanishing part way through my term. I shall be here, every day, regardless of anything else, working toward a brighter, more fun eUK.

So what have I done?

Within a few days of stepping onto the eUK Forums, I became NHS Director for the West Midlands. This is a responsibility I took very seriously and did for two months, before handing over duties. I worked hard for the NHS, and gained enough of a good reputation with the citizens of the West Midlands to be able to successfully run for Congress. This also allowed me to handle relatively large sums of money, write budget requests and reports, and other such skills.

As Congressman for West Midlands, I vowed to always listen and act upon the interests of my constituents. I fully utilised the Private Forum Deathtoll32 had previously set up in our region to ask opinions on all non-sensitive proposals running through the House of Commons. As an ePolitician, I live in an idealistic world, hopefully never loosing touch with the people who vote for me. In the end I feel myself as a representative of a larger community, and intend to continue this as Country President.

eUK Entertainments
But this is a game right? Games should be fun. This is a mandate that I live much of my eLife by, and this is the reason why I co-founded and organised the Inter-Regional Pub Quizzes, to increase forum activity and provide some entertainment for the bored and miserable. It was a huge success, with regions even now, challenging our Quiz team to matches in the eUK IRC. I also co-founded the eUK Lottery, a very successful non profit making organisation that makes one citizen of eUK rich on a weekly basis.

My Party politics are as strong as my regional. I am highly active on party forums, and was the Media Executive for my previous party for over two months, handling all propaganda and promotional articles. The Media is the place I feel most at home, and I write my own newspaper; Tribulations, that has over 60 subscribers; and the National Newspaper Association reports during my time as Under Secretary of Information Services.

Military Career
Currently my passion lies with our military. I am the Commander of the Royal Guard, and so have an all access pass to the War Council. I am truly dedicated to my work in this department, and like to be heavily involved in War Council discussion, as well as the general day to day running of the Guard. My interest in eUK’s forces will be very evident in my manifesto, and will include some policies that I hope many of you will agree with. If I am not elected as Country President, I intend to follow a career with eUK’s Paratroopers, as well as continuing my role as Royal Guard CO.

I am not going to ask you to vote for me based on this report alone, but I would like to point out that over four months I have accomplished a lot. My wiki page says I have my fingers in a lot of pies. This is very true. Just think what I could accomplish in one month of being President of the eUK.