Elections, bans and hangover

Day 43, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

Trying to stay close to the elections process we covered the last 14 hours of the elections day. It was quite interesting too see the close number of votes in different countries.
Here are the closest vote results for the President seats:
Spain: Aliatar - 86 votes, Alvaro - 72 votes, Charlie - 66 votes
Portugal: Socrates - 92, krostyf - 88, Cassius - 27
France: Dan Zisso - 29, Cicero - 24, Blèh - 6
Romania: DexterXP - 33, PostaL - 29, Alin-Lucian - 21
Canada: Grapez - 13, Zacky - 12, idaniel - 3
Australia: Neo26988 - 23, Kalbar - 19, Zaney - 11
Congratulations to the winners! We will be happy to help you administrate your country.

We checked the Citizen accounts that voted yesterday. It was quite frustrating to find parties or companies using fake accounts. We invalidated about 100 votes and we banned in total about 300 fake accounts.

Because those votes partially affected the elections making some good and fair parties lose congressmen seats, we decided to give the hardest punishments. So we permanently banned also the primary accounts that were helped by those fake accounts.

Private messages system:
Knowing that the private messages table in the database became very big we had to take some measures:
- The maximum number of alerts or private messages that you can have in inbox is 30 for each. Also in the sent items folder you can't store more than 30 private messages or alerts;
- The alerts are automatically deleted after 3 days;
- If you receive a new alert or private message and you have a full inbox the oldest alert/message will be deleted;
- A "Report spam" link will be added;
- The maximum number of characters in a message is limited to 1000;
- When you reply to a message you don't have automatically inserted the old message.
We resolved the problem with the Alert message that is returned to you.

Take care and play fair.