World map 470 --Up to dated--

Day 462, 01:05 Published in Germany Canada by Lhasa

In the past few days I've created my own world map! It is inspired by the map the_mihai made but I can update it whenever I want and it is made in flash (Updates could be automatic in the future).

I think a game like this should have a decent world map and with the official map containing lots of errors I made it my goal to make a decent map! (Sometimes this is not possible as some borders that should be there are missing and others exist that would not make sense (travel by air?).

All maps accessible here: - (for a reason unknown to me?!? Someone keeps adding a space after the ER, just delete the space!)

(Region Labels will be added in the Future)

I encourage everyone to point out mistakes so that I can fix them!
If you like the map, please feel free to make a donation. (so the starving artist can buy some bread)