Ambassadorial report: Life in eSweden

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Ambassadorial report: Life in Sweden

Heja Storbritannien! Jag heter avec, jag är en ambassadör till Sverige och jag ska berätta er lite om Sverige.

That was Swedish. To follow up my initiative I began last week, I shall write a report detailing the life in Sweden. Sweden is our Nordic ally and one of the key players in Europe. There has been a lot of media coverage lately about Sweden, though mostly in touch with Germany. To understand the Swedish actions, here's a summary of Sweden's history:

1. History

The early days of Sweden were not interesting in global scale. The Swedes concentrated on building their country and economy in peace. Though when the conflicts and wars began raging in Europe and the World (USA-Canada war, Indonesia-Australia, Slovakia- Czech Republic,…), Sweden decided to make a move too. The same day Norway annexed Finland, Sweden entered Danish soil and conquered Denmark. This is known as 'The Öresund War'. The war marked the first official engagament of Swedish army in action.

The unexpected success against Danes made the Swedish wonder if they could achieve even more, so only 9 days later, Sweden invaded Germany. Officially the reason for the war was that Germany was allied with Indonesia. War against Germany would have been much harder were it not for Norwegians, who signed a pact with Sweden to attack Russia at the same time as Sweden attacked Germany. The two-front war proved too be favourable to Sweden and Norway as both Germany (Germany was left 3 regions) and Russia were conquered. What nobody expected at the time, is that the war against Germany planted the seeds for another conflict yet to come.

As Sweden and Norway expanded their territories, the Mediterranian Alliance watched the events warily. They needed a show of force of their own, so two countries in MA, France and Italy decided to attack Switzerland. Switzerland was strategically important as it was an ally to Norway and a doorway to Sweden. To cut the story short, the war was succesful and Switzerland was annexed. The occupation of Switzerland continued up until recently, as ATLANTIS countries decided to invade France in an operation now known as 'French toast'…

This was the situation on May 2008. On June however, the Germans decided to expand their 3 regions by attacking Poland. Despite Poland receiving foreign help, the German forces managed to fight off the defenders and conquer Poland. This was not looked good by Swedes, and in July the Sweden declared war against Germany. After 10 days of fighting, the rest of Germany was annexed to Sweden. After this there were no major events in Nordic region and Sweden had time to consolidate their power base in Europe. As you can deduce yourselves, Sweden was a major player in world politics and still continues to be a strong ally to ATLANTIS members.

Autumn 2008 marked the ban of wars in eRepublik due to too many bugs. This caused a status quo in foreign politics and not before V1, the situation was allowed to change again. The introduction of raw materials into the game gave Sweden many regions with raw materials. This was a good incentive for Swedes to defend their occupied territories and, contrary to Norway, Sweden had managed to maintain their military power throughout the game. Up until January 2009, Sweden controlled Germany and Denmark, but a joint effort between many PEACE countries managed to break Sweden's grip on Germany. Sweden had been negotiating with german officials about German independence, but the sudden resistance wars began before negotiations were over. Reasons behind Swedish wars and hostilities between Germany and Sweden remain unclear, but the fact is that hostilities between the two countries continue even today.

2. Government

Sweden's political landscape put the current talks about one-party state in UK in shame. The main party in Sweden, Flashback Sweden, won General Elections in January 2008 and since then, every president has been from the same party. There are five parties total in Sweden with Flashback Sweden having a little over 400 members. The party landscape reflects totally to governmental positions; all ministers are from FBS.

The Swedish congress is divided into two parts: The government and the parliament. Most decisions go through government and members of the government do not have to be congressmen. The government setup is similar to UK's cabinet. The congress is run by FBS, which holds a majority of seats there. The situation may or may not change in the upcoming elections of February 2009.

3. Military

Swedish military is divided into two parts; pansartrupperna and fallskärmjägarna. Pansartrupperna is the normal reserve, loosely translated as 'panzertroops'. Fallskärmsjägärna are an organization similar to our paras. Sweden's military is well organised and is able to concentrate force on the battlefield with good effectivity. Despite it's controversity, Sweden's bloody history is a tribute to their military and should make any potential enemy think twice before attacking Sweden.

4. Economy

Sweden has had a healthy economy but it suffers from heavy unemployment. Nearly half of their citizens are unemployed and it has been a constant stepping stone to the Swedish congress to relieve the situation. In regards to import taxes Sweden has taken another solution and decided not to deliver high import taxes. Sweden has fairly cheap prices though as usual, they are subject to change. The GDP in Sweden is currently 649 Gold and their average salary is 7.87 SEK (= 0.17 G = 6.6 GBP).

5. Future

Sweden's future looks currently stable. They continue to be close allies to UK and there is no sign of collapse similar to Norway. Although Sweden has lost it's base in central Europe, it continues to be a major player in Europe. Although current hostilities with newly established Germany tarnish Swedish foreign relations and media image, the casus belli remains unchanged.

This was the second of my ambassadorial reports. I strongly urge other ambassadors to create similar reports on their countries. I will continue to publish articles on foreign events I deem interesting and worthy of public attention, but up until other ambassadors begin doing what they were hired for, you the readers have to wait for reports on other countries.

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