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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - As promised, I am going to describe the current state of affairs, most importantly the meaning of the Holy Empire and Theocratic Nation's status as BRO STATES.

For starters, this status is meant to be ideological. The Theocrats and the Dioists are blood brothers, but that is where the blood remains. As taught by the Grand Prophets Altnabla and William Walker, Pakisan's core philosophy is peace, as is that of the Theocrats. Thus, our relations can be considered akin to that of Iran and Turkey: fraternal.

Another thing that must be covered is the fist. "What is a BRO FIST?" was a question raised many times by other reporters and officials. The answer is, simply put, if you do not already know, then you are not a BRO. I feel no need to elaborate any further.

As for where we draw the line between the BROS and the NOT BROS, there is no line. A pure-hearted Dioist or Theocrat must have the ability to determine who the BROS are by gazing into their eyes. The eyes of a BRO are clear, bright, and serene, reflecting the beautiful land on which they stand. Anyone who is not a BRO will have impurities apparent from a quick glance.

To wrap a nice big bow on this lovely exposition, I would like to introduce you all to Victor Petrescu, famed Transylvanian nomadic bloodsucker and social engineer. He built a castle about a mile from the Temple of Dio Brando in Karachi in about three hours time, which, frankly, disturbs me. Since I have not had the opportunity to meet him face to face nor the chance to see his eyes, I have to ask him one question, which is quite relevant to this article as a whole: Victor, are you a BRO?
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