Vice party president-Arbryn and My advisior-Masila

Day 454, 21:55 Published in Singapore Singapore by Woshiempire

Hi, Arbryn has agreed to be my vice party president. She will help me and together we improve the living standard of eSingapore.As you know Arbryn and Masila has been in eSG about the same time, so we can work together. More brains better than 1 right?

As some of you guys know, my advisior-Masila , has given me a lot of great advise.I have already wrote about it in my past articles about Masila being my advisior. This is the updated article which now have Arbryn as my vice party president.

the forum for eSingapore is
Please join the forum and be active.
this will help to get to know each other well.Also maybe have some events to add some fun here in erepublik.

Thank you
Singapore Republican Party