A Dark Day For South Africa - Breaking News

Day 451, 15:56 Published in South Africa South Africa by Ryan Dagari

I asked for ERD and Taylor to come fourth with this. They have not come up on it, apparently to afraid to let the public know that they abused our constitution, abused our trial system, and abused the votes of FA members in the presidential election.... All to get Taylor into Switzerland.

I know, why the hell would someone go through all that to put someone in another country? Well, in the Lib forum, we had been talking about ways to help out the Swis. One was to put an operative in their country and gain trust. Without telling anyone, President ERDWURM and Taylor collaborated a secret agreement where Taylor would turn the nation against him to get real hate, so that he would look convincing enough to the Theocrats over in Switzerland.

The trial was all staged, and as you look at it progress, you can easilly see that it was all to turn most of the country against Taylor. He said out of his own words that this was too the plan.

This has got nothing to do with reporting someone. This has got everything to do with the fact that our own president abused the rights he oathed to swear.

Taylor made a topic in the Lib forum for only those in the area to see. I requested they make it public, and Brendan and Jizzy agreed. ERD and Taylor Refused, and since then, Brendan has taken down the Lib forum. I grabbed screenshots just in-case.

Whatever this information does for the future of the country, I tell you now that I let everyone know because I believe in the rights we swear to defend, and that when you abuse them for petty political revenge, then you don't deserve to call yourself a South African. I wanted South Africa to see the so called "transparent" government that they elected into office.

I have the proof of Taylor's "confession" here.

This is a dark day for South Africa's history, one that will undoubtedly live in infamy as the first major political scandal, that involved the President acting without anyone's permission, abusing the constitution and his own ministers, for his own personal revenge against the Theocrats.

Taylor Sawyer was temporarily banned.

Don't cut my balls off for bringing fourth this information. You all deserve to hear this, and the confession is one that should have been on a public end of a forum. I was the only one who apparently had the balls to let people know about it, and i'm prepared to face the consequences from the Theocrats if they find out with this article. We must not let them take us over, but we must not abuse the rights we swear to uphold to bring them down in a completely different country!