Ryan Dagari has to Justify

Day 449, 15:21 Published in South Africa South Africa by Ryan Dagari

Alright, here we go. I'm going to list everything, from names to locations, for everyone to know. Normally, I wouldn't do this, but since Taylor went and made a fool of himself by posting the decision everywhere, now I have to justify it.

Let me get started by saying that normally, my intelligence agency works by gathering information and not making it public unless it should be. That is because most of our information is rather worthless, as things pass over quickly. In terms of congressmen, I will tell everyone now, I have reported congressmen this month and last month for several reasons, but I never made it public.

Want to know why? Because I was wrong. I make decisions to test a hypothesis, and I filter out all the failed attempts and only bring forward ones that are good. The fact that very few to none of these get out is a good thing. It meens we don't have a corrupt government.

What happened recently, was I told Taylor Sawyer (Resurrected) about a breaking headline at my Int. Agency. I was just looking at a few accounts, and I decided to look at ERD's. When I went there, I noted he had donated to Damian D, surprisingly the day Damian was born. Damian was in Indonesia, and only several days old. ERD later told me that Damian was a trapped citizen in Indonesia, but I find that quite... odd... because how can someone be trapped there AFTER the war started? If a new player is creating their person, it's not like they know what regions are controlled by what country. For that reason, having the player with ERD's response as a SA citizen trapped in Indonesia is clearly quite irrational.

I looked into Damian D's donation list, and noticed that every day he has been sending donations to an Italian citizen, only 3 days old. Well, that was pretty odd, wasn't it? The first thing I decided to do was write up my intentions on the Intel-Check in forum and report Damian D as a multi, and in the message I pointed out that ERD might be a possible suspect.

I sent that... what, yesterday? Regardless of whether or not he is guilty, the admins always let you know by an email of their decision. Soon as I get it which SHOULD arrive within 7 days, but at the most 14, I will let everyone see what they say.

I do find ERD's response quite shady, and how he reacted after he found out I reported him makes me think he even has a guilty consensus. I made this decision and didn't let it go because I don't go for corruption. If I find some, or the possibility, I jump on the idea. It's like i'm being thrown a bone, a possible story to follow.

Now, if Taylor wouldn't have run off with his mouth about the report, then none of you would know about it. When I would have gotten the email back from the admins, I would have left it at that if he was innocent. If guilty, articles on the forum and game would be made to discuss why the president was banned, or why he should be impeached (if for some reason the admins are... busy). We were very close to doing it with, wouldn't you know coincidence, the last president. Though the thing with that was, as most of you wouldn't know because we LEFT it at that, is that we didn't get the info ourselves, or at least not all of it. It was mostly based on someone sending a message to Pierric Ross saying the pres. accepted... a lot of money. We close cases though, and I promised Browski that I wouldn't talk about it after the incident.

Overall, I don't owe an apology to anyone. I did what I thought was right, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. It still sounds like a good idea, and if anyone thinks that how I do my job is bad, just look at what happened when I let just a little of it leak to someone not affiliated with my organization.

We should find out later. The thing is, I wasn't trying to take down anyone, I was going what I was told to do. By the Vice President. Run my organization.

On a side note; ERDWURM was trying to make my INTEL agency a secret service, and limit my reports so that they go striaght to him. If he is guilty, this is a point for that.

I'm not keeping any secrets. Ask away. Also, mind your questions, I won't give any info that is obviously an issue for the common public.