Erepublik's democracies

Day 85, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

Erepublik's democracies

When creating Erepublik political system we thought of letting Citizens choose democratically their leaders. Still, the Citizens are able to choose at some point also their government type. We watch closely how some of the Erepublik countries have implemented (or want to implement) different types of political systems (dictatorship, communism, etc.). Doctor John Smith's article "Seven signs of communism" is worth reading.

What is the most important aspect Citizens should understand is that CITIZENS BUILD EREPUBLIK. All the problems that you meet can be resolved by you and the community, a big part of the new ideas comes from your suggestions and, in the end, each country is administrated and organized only by its Citizens. We, as administrators, are focusing only on providing you as complete as possible platform and supporting your actions.

Pacific Time on Erepublik

As you have noticed yesterday the Erepublik time changed to Pacific Time. We apologize for the problems this caused (some forum discussions and comments appeared as if they had been written in the future) and we would like to underline that we've chosen this new system just to run the Erepublik daily cronjobs (ie: calculations) on the Romanian working hours (where our dev team is based). This way we can resolve much faster the problems that may appear.

New President for Portugal

Elected President of Portugal, Mr. Iribeiro81, has resigned from the leadership of his country (
According to his statement, he decided to make this step as a consequence of changes in his personal life.
He nominated Citizen tostex ( as the interim President of Portugal until the next elections.
tostex is a member of the "Social Democracia Portuguesa" Party, a center-left orientated party, and he owns the newspaper Diário Económico (

Have a great day

The Erepublik team