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Day 441, 05:21 Published in South Africa South Africa by ERDWURM

Hey everyone, this journalism thing is so not me. I have to crunch out my underdeveloped brain matter just to think of something to write. It is a good thing I never became a journalist in RL. But here goes to the best of my limited journalistic skills. This is basically an announcement to the public of what our plans are and also in the case that we win the elections who we are asking to be available for the cabinet. I do not expect all these people to accept, but I would appreciate it if they were available as these I believe are the best people for the job.

I also believe that the best way for our country to go nto the future with the issue of the diamond industry dominating the labour market would be bold. We have approached this for way to long in a way too conservative manner. As I prefer to run the country on a neo-liberal platform promoting private ownership and business, the best way and not necessarily the fastest way to do this would be to create a situation where the labour market in the diamond industry gets saturated. Thus we need to actually lower taxes on the diamond industry to create opportunity for more diamond companies to come to South Africa. This will saturate the labour market in the long run and create a gap in the market that can be filled by the manufacturing industry.

This is bold and risky but trying to do the same thing over and over again or trying to nationalize an industry is no solution, it only creates an opportunity for government to monopolize the market. We believe that going for this free market economy will benefit us in the long run. This also means that we need to open the economy up, and improve competition, thus creating a price and labour war in the market bringing everything into a balance in the end.

For this to work I need a cabinet that will play with this and take orders if needed, a lot of the people I want in cabinet are not necessarily proponents of such a system but would add value to the think tank as they do not necessarily have the same ideas as me.

As you have seen I believe in variety and through that achieve success.

Proposed Cabinet

Deputy President - Jizzy Mcquire (yes Jizzy I need you here, you have a sound mind)

Minister of Finance - Hireshmont Vellos
Minister of Safety and Security – Black8Shadow
Minister of Minerals and Energy - Balon Swann
Minister of Intelligence - Rico Suave
Minister of Education – Davewa
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Taylor Ressurected
Minister of Defense - Brendan E Austerion
Minister of Social Affairs – Kiwifire
Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development – Bazti

I would appreciate it if these people accepted. As it gives some old hands the opportunity to create something and some new guys to stand up and be counted.

With thanks

Presidential Candidate for Free Africa.