Free Africa Election Manifesto

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Our Vision

Free Africa's vision is of a prosperous, equal opportunity society in which everyone has the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives. We envision a united eSouth Africa in which none of our lands are under foreign control, be that control military or political.

This vision rests on the belief that:

An independent and vibrant civil society is essential to the preservation of equality and openness, in that it acts to counter any attempt by the ruling party or the state to impose it's values on the populous.

The freedom of every person can not be realized unless everyone has the means to pursue their own happiness and improve the quality of their lives.

The drive behind the prosperity of any society is a free enterprise society driven by choice, risk and hard work.

Our ideals

1. The Party recognizes Article 10 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa as it’s sole purpose to exist, and vows to undertake the Liberty of our occupied territories as its, main goal.

2. The Party recognizes that achieving this through military means will only put the economy of South Africa under undue stress, thus if possible this should be achieved through negotiation or other peaceful means.

3. The Party recognizes that an healthy economy is an economy run under the rules of economic freedom, and that all citizens of the Republic should have this without government interference, and that a Free Market Economy with a naturally balanced economy is the second highest priority of Free Africa existence.

4. The Party recognizes that not all people are the same and that we promote the ideas of Freedom of thought and Freedom of speech, within the boundaries of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

5. These ideals shall be upheld by any and all members of the Party, including the President and Leadership.

Our Voice

We stand for a free and open economy based on the ideas that the three main liberties Civil, Economic and Political are freely available to any and all citizens wishing to partake in such liberties.

We gladly argue for the following:

1. Higher economic freedom has a strong correlation with higher living standards.

2. Higher economic freedom leads to increased investment, innovation and a responsiveness to consumer demand

3. We believe that no government has the right to interfere in the economic freedom of any person.

4. Higher economic freedom, as measured by both the Heritage and the Fraser indices, may suggest a higher self-reported happiness for some people.

5. There is some correlation between higher economic freedom and peace. According to a report by the Cato Institute, economic freedom is around 54 times more effective than democracy (as measured by Democracy Score) in diminishing violent conflict.

There is growing empirical evidence that economic and political freedoms are linked.In Capitalism and Freedom (1962), Friedman developed the argument that economic freedom, while itself an extremely important component of total freedom, is also a necessary condition for political freedom. He commented that centralized control of economic activities was always accompanied with political repression.

In his view, voluntary character of all transactions in a free market economy and wide diversity that it permits are fundamental threats to repressive political leaders and greatly diminish power to coerce. Through elimination of centralized control of economic activities, economic power is separated from political power, and the one can serve as counterbalance to the other. Friedman feels that competitive capitalism is especially important to minority groups, since impersonal market forces protect people from discrimination in their economic activities for reasons unrelated to their productivity.

With these ideas I make myself available for the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa.

President of Free Africa