CertaCito - UKRP Congressional Candidate for Eastern Region (Again)

Day 424, 22:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by certacito

This is a short article to introduce myself as the Congressional candidate for Eastern Region in the elections scheduled to take place on 25th January 2009.

For those that do not know me, here are a few bulet points:

- Been an elected 'back bench' member of Congress for 12 months without a break.
- Been a staunch member of the UKRP since its inception
- General Manager of the 'Hearts' Group of Companies
- Involved in the importation of Raw Materials (particularly DIAMONDS)
- Member of eUK Reserves since they were formed
- Working on the improved Command and Control system for eUK MoD

In RL,

- Invloved in R&D within Telecommunications
- Married with an expensive wife, two very expensive children and an old rambling house
- Domestic configuration:
- 2 wired broadband links + 1 wreless broadbnd link
- 5 WiFi access points
- Over a quarter of a mile of structured cabling in the kitchen alone
- Normal portable kit includes MacBook Pro (multiple OS), 6 phones, 2 portable tablets and assorted conectivity tools.

I would spend more time in eRepublik - if I had it! Pressures of real life prevent me from filling a more time consuming post, such as one of the Ministry posts.

I support wholeheartedly simple to understand and easy to implement Government policies. Over the past years we have seen a series of very noble yet totally impractical pieces of legislation passed. Also, whilst on first inspection, our military forces should have totally dominated the defending PEACE forces in the French war, we failed to mobilise our massed population anywhere near as effectively as the PEACE coalition - and so got thoroughly thrashed! This offends my sense of duty - so I have resolved to donate a certain amount of my scarse time to ensuring that our Armed Forces become better organized and controlled.

A vote for CertaCito, the long distance runner of eUK politics, is sure not to be wasted.

Vote for CertaCito and UKRP on 25th January!