The coup that lies behind (also, e-drama omnibus)

Day 423, 07:01 Published in Austria Austria by Aanok Tourmil

Hello citizens. It's your former President talking in the hour of need.

There are some people around here, mostly from "our" government, who are telling you that everything is good and fine and that we don't need to worry about anything.

Now, I know for sure you're all aware that that's the tallest pile of crap we've ever heard of in human history. This whole situation makes me remind of many months ago, when our Austrian soil was occupied by the backstabbing Slovenians.

"Our" president, azoo, told you that (I'm quoting from his newspaper):

«Before few days much of golds from Bank of eAustria were stolen. This was because there were several problems in changing of Governor of eAustrian Bank.»


«From tomorrow all money will be back to National Bank»

and, for a great finale,

«From tomorrow, we will introduce you new President team, and new rules in this country»

Let's straight things out. To begin with, there were absolutely no «problems in changing of Governor of eAustrian Bank» whatsoever. When azoo was elected, I regularly sent him a copy of the Bank account's password. More: I was assured that they had no interest in directly managing the money. I continued my work as I did in the last two months, without any kind of interference nor complaint from the serbs.

As you can read, I'm about to be officially fired from my position as Governor and Minister. I have been already, in truth, for the Bank's password has obviously been changed. But, before receiving an official communication, for all that it might mean, I give in my resignation from Bank of Austria Governor and from Minister of Economic Affairs.

I hereby state my only guilt is that of trust, once again, and nothing more. I never had any involvement in this coup nor I ever sponsored it in any way.

And now I have to say I'm really tired and annoyed. A multiplayer game is made of two components: gameplay and social interaction. We all know Erepublik sucks deeply in regard of gameplay; though what we sometimes ignore or neglect is that it also does in terms of people.First, we had the Slovenians and the Romanians. They are not nice characters (in such a large community it's also difficult to tell who is truly a bastard and who is it just for a healthy sense of fun and roleplay), but they play as villains and make us all have fun (if with questionable methods). Then we have just annoying people (I'm just joking, Chicco 😘). And then there are those who make you feel very unpleasantly. In our case, I'm talking about Danny and, now, azoo.
I must say I'm very disappointed.

And that's why I'm leaving the game. Well, that and the fact that I've been playing for almost a year and I'm pretty bored. I was going to leave anyway next month, so I'm just sppeding things up.

Uh, sorry for the inconvenience. Goodbye.

I was almost forgetting.