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Dear citizens,

Beginning the 14th of January, Argentina and Indonesia (due to its expansion) will have a new neighbor – Chile.

Every new citizen of the New World that decides to settle in one of the five Chilean regions will receive their citizen fee of 50 units in a new currency: CLP (Chilean peso).

The treasury of Chile will receive 1.000 Gold and 100.000 local currency. Also, we are looking forward to the general elections of Chile - its first elected president will be granted access to an organization with a CLP account of 50.000 units.

Researchers that worked on determining the level of raw materials found iron in Norte Chico, wood in Zona Sur and fertile lands in Zona Central.

The new country is protected against any war until the end of February, the same period for which it cannot declare war. Chile will use this time to grow as much as possible. Croatia's development could be a good example for any new country.

We welcome all Chileans and we send them our best regards.

Further countries to be added in eRepublik

On the 11th of February we will be welcoming Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Serbia as they join the other countries of the New World.

Help researchers by suggesting cities for the new countries, as well as the regions that should be assigned to them.

Information can be sent using the contact form or by e-mailing one of the following specific addresses: , , , .

Please also let us know if you are interested in helping with translations of the press releases covering each country’s addition.

Later Edit : Due to the increase of visits registered in the last weeks, we have decided to introduce Serbia on the 11th of February, instead of Taiwan.

Taiwan will be joining the countries of the New World as soon as we will implement a more complex Resistance module.

Best regards,
The eRepublik Team