Join The Conservative Party

Day 419, 14:56 Published in USA USA by Desertfalcon

Formerly the RFC the Conservative party is the number 3 party in the country and has been an influential party in the workings of the country since the party was established back in early 2008. Three different presidents were at one time or another in the party and we hold 18% of the seats in congress which is tied for second with the libertarian party and we look to gain more in the upcoming congressional elections. If you are looking to get started in politics the CVP is the party for you. Every month we hold a CVP convention in IRC in which everyone can come to together and discus issues facing the party and the country.

We support minimal government interference in the economy as we see the national government as a spotter for a weight lifter. Give the weight lifter (the economy) to much help and he will not grow stronger, if you don't help out the weight lifter at all then you run the risk of the weight lifter getting seriously injured and crippled. As for foreign affairs we believe that the U.S. should take a second look at their involvement in Atlantis, the alliance has showed its weakness in the past few weeks and really we are not gaining much from it. We would still have allies with Atlantis nations however it may be wise to withdraw from the alliance in order to get out of all of these obligations and the dogma that comes from PEACE nations. We don't need to alert everyone 48 hours in advance in order to defend our allies.

Also If any current members of the CVP are interested in running for congress please contact me and I will see where I can get you to run. We have plenty of slots open so if you are looking to further your political career here is a golden opportunity to do so.