Greetings from the Swedish Government and Diplomats

Day 419, 10:09 Published in United Kingdom Norway by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

A few days ago, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Algaroth resigned from his office, citing shortage of time. Today, a new MoFA has been appointed by the president, Toothpaste. Marten1000 will be MoFA, and Red Hank will serve as vice MoFa. The purpose of this article is to present some of the new ministers this mandate, and also to tell the citizens of the world about Sweden.

I will start with myself, Marten1000. I have played this game since January last year, almost a year now. During this time I have been a congressman for seven mandates and a government member as vice MoFA for another month. And now, I am Minister of Foreign affairs. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to ask. I

The second fellow in this Swedish Diplomatic Corps is called Red Hank. This is what he writes about himself: I have been a citizen since 12th January 2008. I am the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and my duty is to support the Minister of Foreign Affairs to 100%. My friends describe me as a faithful person and if there is anything you wonder about are you welcome to send me a message.

Next is our President, Toothpaste. He started playing this game relatively late, in the beginning of October. But since then, he has proved himself over and over again. Many people consider him an economic genius. He is thirty years old and lives in a small village called Helsingborg. He is also keen on answering everyone’s questions.

Last, and also the oldest is Betamjau, the Swedish Vice President. She is also known as the Iron Lady of Sweden, and believes in cooperation and good teamwork. She has been a part of the game since January 19 and has extensive knowledge of most areas of the game. Her prime interest is to make this game as fun and rewarding as possible. Betamjau is certainly not afraid of pointing out injustices.

If you, for any reason, would like to contact one of the officials in Sweden, we advise you to get in touch with either Marten1000, Red Hank, Toothpaste or Betamjau. It would also be best if you did it in that order. A PM would suffice, but if it’s urgent you should visit our irc-channel. It can be found on Quakenet, the channel name is If you want to open an embassy, or just want to see what we do, you can visit and register at our forum, There is an English Section as well, even though it is not very used. You might also contact your local ambassador, if there is one, or PM this account.

We would also appreciate if you would give us a few names of people we could contact in case that is necessary. Too much time is spent searching for the right persons, it would be much easier if we just had a list to check when we are short of time.

And my last task in this article is to tell a little about Sweden. Sweden has been a part of this game for al long time. When I started playing, Sweden was the largest country in the known world. That is not the case anymore, but we still play an important part in the game, due to our vast experience. The Swedish paratroppers, under the command of our MoD Misho, and Commander in Chief Kape, remains one of the most efficient in the world. We are also proud of our economy, which have lasted in spite of all turbulence in V1. We have high salaries and low income taxes. The import taxes are low in most industries, the one’s where we are self-sufficient excluded.

This was all from Sweden for today. As said earlier, we would be extremely pleased if you could provide us with ways to contact you in case of emergencies, when there is no time to search.

With hopes of good relations between our countries.

Marten1000, Minister of Foreign Affairs.