The Dream Team Explained

Day 415, 03:58 Published in South Africa South Africa by Browski

* grabs laptop and goes to the bathroom - It's the only place to get some peace and quiet form those 6 secret service men *

Well it seems we have a bit of confusion as to what everyone is supposed to do. I think I’ve spoken to each individual minister about their position but so that everyone knows what everyone else is doing, here is a little explanation.

Deputy President – Compmage

My right hand man. Will advise the president and fill in where needed.

Minister of Finance - Hireshmont Vellos

Responsible for setting monetary policy through the Reserve Bank (RBSA), and formulating new strategies to help our economy grow.

Minister of Safety and Security - Ryan Dagari (Homeland Security)

The main function of this position will be to prevent anymore attacks like the one we have seen this last month by The Theocrats.
Their job will be to monitor the political situation in the country and inform the president and other ministries as soon as a possible threats are detected. They will also formulate contingency plans to deal with these attacks. While I’m president we will not have another uncoordinated response to takeovers and thieves.

Minister of Minerals and Energy - Balon Swann

The plan here is to work a bit closer with the diamond companies. This ministry will work closely with the minister of finance set up a forum to discuss with the diamond companies and manage one of our greatest resource but make sure others are not destroyed in the process. We could if needed (I don’t think its needed now) appoint Ministers in other position like this – Housing, Agriculture etc.

Minister of Intelligence – Black8Shadow

He will gather intelligence internally and externally to assist other government departments. I’m particularly interested in holes in the Indo situation (not military) but leverage for negotiation. The military may have it’s own intelligence which is understandable but this Ministry will serve the entire government. Knowledge is power and this will be crucial if we are to reclaim our land peacefully. It will also make us aware of other possible threats.

Minister of Education: Erdwurm

Will be responsible for helping out new players and teaching them the basics of the game as well as encouraging them to become involved on our national forum. Will appoint new professors to teach at the University and will run UNISA.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Will be responsible for negotiating MPP's and appointing ambassadors to other countries. He will also keep in touch with ambassadors to SA.

Minister of Defense - Brendan E Austerion

Will be responsible for organizing our Army and coordinating their efforts in times of war. Will also need to liaise with the Minister of Finance and Minister of Health to insure out troops are well supplied and kept healthy during battle.

Minister of Health

Responsible for instituting a national health program with particular focus on new players and our troops during war time.

The ministers have freedom to run their ministries as they wish – I will look for results not the process. I ask the ministers to provide me and the congressmen with regular updates as to the progress being made via the forum (

The ministers will also have the freedom to appoint people to assist them. (professors/ambassadors/generals/agents etc.) If you are willing to assist a ministry I suggest you contact that minister. Thank you everyone for your support.