RFC Name Change Vote

Day 414, 15:31 Published in USA USA by Desertfalcon

Now In case you have not noticed I have changed the name of the party from Erepublikans For Change to Conservative the party. The reason I am doing this is because despite the fact that the name is not Republican Party like it used to be people still associate the RFC with the republican party and the only way to rid us of that association is to change the name. I am proposoing that we change it to Conservative party for two main reasons, first off our party leans center -right so it is a fit for our party, second off people would associate us with an ideology rather then a real life political party.

So I will keep the polls open untill Sunday at 4 PM CST but really CVP is winning in land slide right now so I may close the polls early. Please vote this up to ensure that more people see it. Only RFC/CVP members votes will count however outside comments are welcome. Only votes in this article will count.

Current Votes

1. Erepublicans For Change (RFC)- 2
2. Conservative Party (CVP)- 10

I am not including an other category since alot of people just say other and end up skewing the results and not offering another suggestion.