The Dream Team

Day 414, 11:37 Published in South Africa South Africa by Browski

*Enters the room in jogging gear with 6 out of breath secret service agents following closely behind *

Could I have thought up a cornier heading for my announcement of the new cabinet - I think not.

Well here it is:

Deputy President – Compmage
Minister of Finance - Hireshmont Vellos
Minister of Safety and Security - Ryan Dagari (Homeland Security)
Minister of Minerals and Energy - Balon Swann
Minister of Intelligence – Black8Shadow
Minister of Education: Erdwurm

Yes, there are a few missing. It seems our government is still relaxing after the election (Don't worry I'll soon sort them out.) I'll announce the following as soon as they have been confirmed.

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Defense
Minister of Health

There may also be one other position still to follow. In the absence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs I have also appointed Taylor Sawyer as the Ambassador to Australia.

We are not here to rule the country - We are here to serve it. I remind all South Africans and the new ministers about this. We are to remember this point as we carry out our duty to this great nation.

Some of you may not agree with all my choices for Ministers or the ones to follow but I encourage you to work together for the good of the country. I have in some cases purposely chosen people who don't always agree with me. These different views will make the country stronger. After we have discussed and issue and a final decision is made, we must all get behind that decision even if we don't totally agree with that decision.

Thank you Ministers for you support and willingness to serve the country in this way.