Message to Pakistan, Iran and Turk's Citizen and Others!

Day 410, 22:56 Published in Pakistan Indonesia by n3m0

Dear my friends of Pakistan,
I brought my economy advisors along with me and tomorrow some loyals of mine will be arrived here as well. I just made a new grain company called Black Octopus Grain and ready to employ lots of employee. And my first priority will provide cheap food for everyone.

But there is something that I need you all to understand, for your information, your country in really great danger at previous month because of the invasion plan of Iran. I know you with Iran and Turk got in a deep hate for decades. I then PERSONALLY involve in the negotiation to save your country being occupied by Iran. We have a deal now that Iran wont take any land that "ORIGINALLY" belong to Pakistan and wont do any political Take Over as well. Soon, some original regions that belong to Pakistan that taken by Iran will be given back if Pakistan and Iran can cooperate and make a relationship far away from hate.

Therefore, I urge all citizen to wave out that hate toward Iran and Turk. I am friend of Iran's President and also I know Battalgazi. Now its your turn to change!
You should admit that Pakistan now really-really weak, now I am here to help to rebuild Pakistan and back alive again!
My mission are simples.... I want to rebuild Pakistan to active again and fight against USA and Romania. Yeah benn, you hear it correctly, just hang on there I will do my best to rebuild this country to go after you, so before the time come, put away your political take over plan or anything on this Country. We are small now, and you are number 1 now, you dont need to be affraid of us arent you?

To Romanian, I dont know if we still treat you as enemy in couple of months or not, but what you did in Russia and Argentina really annoy me. Yet you have malika ela, i will go after you as well to kidnap her hahaha, so before the time come, please dont do any political take over too. I Also kinda miss of my friend Geo whow seem to stay away from me after my "miss communication" with admin when I was a president of Indonesia, hope I can make him to talk with me again 😛

To Iran, gonde, you know me bro, we need to change. Please put away hate between Pakistan and your country, dont spoil our friendship with that hate and start to build great neighboorhood, soon when Pakistan back active, we will have power in our hand again. We will fight the same enemy later.

For Turks, friend of mine Battalgazi, I know you rarely talk because the lack of english, but I know you can understand this very well. Let's forget the past, you already take your revenge, but the time has changed now. We have the same enemy, so let's from now on put away that hate, forget the past and let me try to rebuild this great country.

To my friend of Pakistan again, I am just no one, nothing, and cant do anything without you support me. I just want to bring back the old Pakistan who make the wigs got headache, make the pig disgusting usa and swedia itchy, and have great loyal citizens who proud as Pakistan's citizen. I cannot be compared with Dio, Im simply just no one from Indonesia, but mark my word, when you give your trust on me, I will do my best with all the strength I have to make Pakistan alive again.

Hail eIndonesia! Pride, Power, Pakistan!