PEACE makes a strategic blunder.

Day 406, 06:06 Published in USA United Kingdom by Peter Steven

Early this morning Brazil and Indonesia, both PEACE members, attacked Argentina. The attacks were not directed at territories being occupied by ATLANTIS forces but Argentine home provinces.

This caused all of Argentina's Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) to activate. As a result of this, Indonesian attacks can only be fought for by people living in Indonesia, and Brazilian attacks can only be fought for by people living in Brazil. In contrast, anyone living in Argentina, the UK, Romania or the USA can fight in every defensive battle, and every battle to reclaim regions occupied by Brazil or Indonesia. Having fought for the UK army in the recent battles in France and Belgium I can tell you from personal experience that this makes taking and holding provinces extremely difficult.

But it also allows for an counter-attack agains any region being occupied by Indonesia or Brazil, not just the Argentine ones. This was shown recently when France, using it's MPPs, managed to take the British-occupied regions of Belgium without any of Britain's allies being able to help. Well, the Indonesians have left themselves open to exactly the same kind of attack. Indonesia is currently occupying most of Australia. Until now, nobody has been able to help the Australian's fight for their independence without moving there first.

This has now changed. If, once they have successfully defended their homeland, the Argentine government decides to attack the Indonesian-occupied regions in Australia, all the citizens of Argentina, UK, USA and Romania will be able to fight, while staying in their home regions (and healing with nice high-Q hospitals) and the Indonesian MPPs will still not be activated. What's more, the attacking froces will make lots of gold from takig these regions.

Sounds like a win for everyone to me. Well, except for Indonsia, but I don't especially care about that.


P.S. If anyone wants to donate me weapons to help defend Argentina I'd be grateful.