Vote Free Africa, Black Lion Front, Proud Africans and the CAU this elections!

Day 401, 00:13 Published in South Africa Pakistan by Pierric Bross

Do not vote for your favorite candidate, vote for a non-SUSA candidate who is lacking in votes. The objective this election is to OUT VOTE SUSA members, and this could mean voting for a candidate you don't like. SUSA came to South Africa as a group to take over the country and steal money from this countries treasury. This is something South Africa cannot stand for. Let's do things right this election and vote as one people in objection to this tyrannical party, something we failed to do to Zocky and his then-takeover party.

SUSA (Socialist Union of SA) have fielded many candidates in an attempt to sweep into majority power in congress. We cannot give them that majority. With Croatia now having it's own country the remnants of the CAU are not looking to take over South Africa. They are now a friend and not an enemy. Free Africa and the Black Lion Front have always fought tirelessly for South Africans, and Proud Africa's candidates are valuable for out-voting as many SUSA candidates as possible.

If we unite and vote as one we can out vote 8 SUSA candidates (3 from North-West, 2 Limpopo, 1 Free State, and 2 Gauteng).

For Freedom, and for South Africa!

If you live in Gauteng these people need your votes!
G M Tarkin - BLF

If you live in Limpopo these people need your votes!
ERDWURM - FA !!# 2 more votes for ERDWURM will push out an SUSA candidate!

If you live in North-West these people need your votes!
Jizzie McGuire - BLF
Rico Suave - BLF
Brendan E Austerion - BLF
Ryan Dagari - BLF
Crusader - FA
coty - PA
Mariano82 - CAU

If you live in Free State these people need your votes!
black_jack - PA !!# 2 more votes for black_jack will push out an SUSA candidate!

Once someone has between 2-3 votes (depending on experience level and votes for SUSA canidates) vote for a NON-susa candidate with less votes.