Official 51 States Congress Recommendations

Day 399, 17:35 Published in USA USA by United Independents Party

NOTE: This took far, far too much of my time to do, especially considering that it is now Christmas Eve when I am publishing it.

Please give feedback and vote it up. If it is largely ignored, there is no way I will spend 15 hours or so doing it again next month.

Also, bear in mind that I am not running for congress in order to prove that I am 100% unbiased towards candidates or parties. I do not even know how many candidates are recommended from each party.

NOTE 2: This is completely independent, and not reflective of the UCP's views. It is intended to give recommendations that will provide us with an effective congress.

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Moishe USWP

Moishe has a level head and the respect of many.
His work with the eUSA's military was exemplary, and he has shown the ability to organise as well as a willingness to stand up for what he believes.
A great candidate for congress.


PrincessMedyPi UCP

Princess has made a massive impact in the eUSA since moving here. Look through the eUSA Congress forums and you will notice level-headed, sensible suggestions on every topic and a mountain of new ideas aimed at helping the average citizen.


Joeph Cole UCP

Joeph Cole has been around for a long, long time, and has the experience required in congress. He recently missed out on a congress seat due to his unwillingness to campaign, and as a result some bitterness bubbled up in his articles and posting.
To the outsider, Joeph can seem bitter and grouchy, but he has a shrewd mind and is the strongest contender in this state.


Lothair USWP

Lothair is new to congress campaigning, but has done an excellent job so far in presenting his ideas and platform.
He seems to weigh each issue up carefully and not make a final decision without examining it from every angle.


AidanAstrup USWP

Aidan served in congress last term and was continually active. He voted constanytly and voiced his opinion when he disagreed.
A solid candidate.


DenversBest02 AAP

The best candidate by some way here. Experience and a proven track record combine to make it an easy choice.
Denversbest also served last term amid the turmoil, but remianed level-headed. He is active and one of the more vocal congressmen.


Scott1 USWP

Scott has launched a forum which will be open at all times to answer questions and inform people of what is happening in congress should he be elected.
This kind of thinking is positive, and allows citizens to stay involved more in politics.
This, along with his platform get him the recommendation here, although Adrian Caparzo was a close second.


spadesharp UCP
A weak turnout in delaware makes it a close call. Spadesharp seems the more level-headed and responsible of the candidates.

District of Columbia

Time UCP

Despite a good opponent in ProggyPop, who with USWP backing will take a lot of beating, Time gets the nod in DC. ProggyPop is a good enough candidate, but Time has demonstrated over and over again that he is the type of voice that is needed in congress.
Time is a former Party President, and has a lot of experience in leading and organising, and is very effective at keeping people informed of what is going on, which bodes well for DC residents.


Justinious UCP

Despite the masses of candidates who put themselves forward for Florida, Justinious stands head and shoulders above them all.
A 3-time Vice President, Long-time cabinet member and a part of the government since the dark days of beta, Justinious remains one of the most important voices in the eUSA's congress.


Kenneth Sutton RFC

Kenneth Sutton ran a great race last term but finished 2nd. His total votes were more than any 3 or 4 other candidates but he didn't get in.
It was a real shame. He proved himself to be a very strong candidate, with an excellent platform and a sensible opinion on every issue. I see Kenneth as being a key member of the next congress.


Isac Newton AAP

Isac Newton is a fine candidate. He, too has been around for a while now, but it seems longer due to the simple fact that he is so active.
Always looking out for the average citizen, he would vote selflessly, for the greater good of the eUSA.


zahmir UCP

I had a lot of difficulty selecting a candidate here. However, Zahmir puts forth a great presentation, and seems a great candidate. His inexperience is an issue, and his opponent - dbuck2001 was not active enough last term.


NeilP99 USWP

Neils main competition comes from Vodalian, who is a former Mayor and congressman.
Neil is active in the media and displays good sense, and is much more likely to venture opinions in the congress forums than his rival.


Kyle321n NP

Kyle has shown himself to be a congressman for the people. One of the first to take his voting record public along with reasoning behind each votes, he shwed transparency and a willingness to remain involved with his citizens.
A good man to have in any congress.


Nathan Woods NP

Despite some competition, Nathan remains the best choice for Iowa.
He promises to keep the citizens of Iowa informed, and has done very well in the running of his party so far.


John Rockfeller RFC

Rockefeller has a great grasp of economics, as displayed by his newspaper articles. He is a sound candidate for congress, and his economic analysis would be good in congress.


No recomendation.

I apologise to Kentucky, but I can't honestly say that I recommend any candidate.
Msuracer registered on the forums last time around then made no more posts. I would have to call that inactive.
Gacu is probably the better choice, but I can recommend him fully.


Tyrsis Lib

Tyrsis was strong but weak in congress last term. He published detailed articles informing the people of what was going on in congress, how he voted etc. This was a great move, but it was almost from an outsiders perspective.
He was almost never involved in the debates, remaining silent but I am certain that he paid attention.
If he steps up to the plate and swings more often, he would be an even better congressman.


Emerick Lib No Presentation

The recent unstability caused by Rocco Baldelli's comments undermine the president and weaken the country. This type of behaviour is unacceptable by a congressman. As a result, Emerick is the outstanding candidate in this state.
Emerick has worked tirelessly and largely without recognition with the aim of improving the country as a whole. He has a sense of humor and a cool head - he can take exactly what he dishes out. Congress without Emerick is a serious mistake.


One Eye UCP

One Eye is running for the first time in congress, but if you look through the congress forums, you would never know it. He is already very active on the forums, putting forward a lot of excellent suggestions and giving a lot of his time to helping the country.
I see a big political future for him, and he is the recommended choice for Maryland.


Julius Rodvigo Lib

Very active in the media with several articles explaining his stance and platform for congress.
Level headed and a safe choice.


Troy Roberts RFC

Troy had a pretty good term in congress last month. He remained active and was never afraid to voice his opinion - regardless of whether everyone disagreed with him or not.
He is a strong candidate, and one who should remain in congress.


Starrysoth RFC - never registered on the forums!

Minnesota is not doing well. One candidate based his platform on what he likes and not what he plans to do or why he should get your votes, and Starrysoth was completely inactive on the forums last month, never even registering.
Going solely on presentations, Starrysoth gets the nod, but it is hoped that he will get more involved in the congress this month.


DesertFalcon RFC

DesertFalcon has buckets of experience in almost every area. Short of being President, he has been there and done it all.
He is smart, and his opinions are always spot on. He is also very active and contributes to every debate.


Killing Time UCP

Killing Time is one of the stars of last term. Despite it being his first term, he displayed a keen mind and an intellegence that helped to guide the other congressmen in a difficult month.
He was involved in everything and did enormous amounts of work - far and beyond the call of duty.


KurtisWH USWP

Kurtis was active and helpful in last terms congress. He contributed to most debates and didn't get sucked into the childish games of some other congressmen.
He appears to weigh each option before voting, and is a responsible choice.


Fourgot10 AAP

Fourgot10 is a strong candidate for congress, despite his inexperience. he spent a good deal of time helping out in his party, and seems active and responsible.


Richard Cranium NP No Presentation

Despite no presentation, Richard Cranium remains the better choice in this state.

New Hampshire

LennyA AAP

A lack of decent candidates in New Hampshire is concerning. LennyA at least looks as though he has spent some time thinking about his platform, and so long as he is active, he should be a good choice.

New Jersey

Ian John Locke IV AAP

An experienced candidate who would not let his country down. He is extremely active and willing to speak his mind on all subjects.
His experience at party level is good preperation for congress.

New Mexico

Don Keedick USWP

Don has a good head and doesn't get carried away, despite good candidates running against him. His presentation is well thought out, and he should be a good addition to the congress.

New York

No Official Recommendation

Greecelightning made almost no posts last term and the other candidates are no better. Jah Jah gave 4 lines of text for a platform which can't even be seen by non-UCP members.

North Carolina

Finbar Azulos Lib

Not the most vocal candidate, and although active never going overboard. He seems more content to read/listen to the debates and only weigh in when he has decided.
The strongest candidate in North Carolina.

North Dakota

Panther USWP

Panther is the right candidate for North Dakota. His opponents are not congrwess material. iduffee12 was almost completely inactive last term and that is completely unacceptable.
Panther is approachable and happy to help, and promises activity and reliability.


GoBucks USWP

A tough call, as he is running against other good candidates, but GoBucks demonstrated last term in a single day what he is capable of. He was elected, then stripped of his office. He never cried, swore, complained or quit the game. He accepted the decision, which speaks volumes about his character.
In his single day in congress, he managed to singlehandedly get the many USWP congressmen under control, and stopped them from frivolously wasting their proposals.
I expect good things from GoBucks this term.


TheSupernatural AAP

Leroy Combs is a good candidate, and was active last term, but the Supernatural has experience and abilities that this congress would be better off with.
A former mayor, and current head of the department of fun, he keeps things light, but is very capable.


NoneSuch UCP

When Micheal Lewis runs in a state, you need a strong candidate to run against him, as I do not know what would happen if he got into congress.
Fortuately, NoneSuch fits the bill. Despite leaving congress halfway through last term due to the squabbling and childish behaviour, he remained active in the forums and in several other areas, including the Constitution re-writing team and Economic Advisory Panel. A little hot-headed, but not afraid to stand up for his beliefs, and unwilling to accept selfish or self-serving behavior in congress


Uncle Sam AAP

Uncle Sam has been there and done that - one of the big names who has never made president.
he owns several businesses, is a renowned warrior and incredibly active. He also keeps active in the media and is not afraid to state his opinion on anything.
he is a good choice for congress.

Rhode Island

Greystrand USWP

A poor selection in this state, and I was tempted not to recommend anyone. The fact remains though, that Tankshock was not a good congressman last term. his use of foul language and arguing with other congressmen was bad enough, but the childish way he reacted to any criticism means that he should not be allowed back into congress.
He created one of the very few topics that had to be locked in the congress forums.
In order to keep him out, I am recommending the best candidate, greystrand.

South Carolina

Publius Lib

Publius served well during his first term, and was active on the forums and voted regularily.
He is a smart candidate who can be relied upon to not act too rashly.

South Dakota

SirChaos USWP
Cooper Jackson spent last term in congress as an invisible man. Whether he was active and only reading or inactive is hard to say. The fact is that he contributed little to the discussions and debates of congress.
SirChaos promises activity and accountability. He is the recommended choice for South Dakota.


Jewitt UCP

A tough one to call in Tennessee, with the Donovanator running against Jewitt. Jewitt edges it though. He is already active politically, offering his opinions which are generally sensible and helpful. He may need a bit of luck to overcome his opponents popularity, but would serve the country well as a congressman.


Cj Will Win NP

CJ Will Win is a massively experienced citizen, spending a long time working his way up in the military, where he laid a lot of the groundwork long before Moishe or William Shafer came along.
His entry into congress is a positive move, and he recieves the recommendation for Texas.


Pearlswine RFC

Pearlswine not getting into congress is like Micheal Jordan not getting into a basketball game at the park. He is the modal congressman. Smart, helpful, experienced and able to pull statistics out of the game to help out in any situation.
An absolute must for congress.


Bozz_Khamzi NP

A strong candidate who has a good presentation and platform.
A sensible choice, his level headed thinking is displayed in his articles, and he seems to have thoroughly thought out his campaign.


Joshua Tree RFC

Despite dubi being a great candidate, I feel that Joshua Tree started well last month, jumping in and getting involved in everything. He perhaps went too far too fast, but he is the first to throw up his hands and admit his mistakes.
He is not afraid to admit when he is wrong and is perfectly able to learn from these mistakes and grow. Despite a shaky start, he became one of the more active, stronger congressmen last term. He is incredibly active on the forums - to the point of posting a notice when he will be away for a day or more.


Rosebudteg Lib

A refreshing new candidate from the Libertarian Party, Rosebudteg put together a farily convincing presentation for his congress run.
He is running against a much more experienced candidate, but Jordan Miller did himself no favors in the way he handled himself during the recent USWP "Scandal", and almost never joins conversations in the congress forums.
I feel that congressmen should be more responsible in the media, even when upset.
Rosebud is also the only candidate to acknowledge his weaknesses, which is a good thing.

West Virginia

Scrabman USWP

One of the stars of the current US political scene. If there is anything currently being duscussed, scrabman is likely a part of it. His views are almost always insightful and helpful, and he commands the respect of all fellow congressmen.


Lukasz Wakowski USWP

A former USWP Party President, he has the respect of many of his party members.
He has held various positions within his party, and served as a mayor and congressman. His Opponent - denzins - posted very little on the forums during the last term, and it is hoped that Lukasz can bring more activity.


John Jay UCP

Despite recently switching parties, John Jay continues to run for congress in Wyoming.
Regardless of which party he runs for, he is a sensible, hard-working and helpful citizen who will improve our congress.

I know this is incredibly long - you may just want to jump to your own state and read there.

Thanks to those who gave me help and input.

UCP Press Manager.