Our wishes for 2008

Day 42, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens, these are our wishes for 2008:
- Constantly add more cool things that you can do in Erepublik (a lot of stuff is waiting to be implemented)
- Minimal number of bugs and cheating
- No more site loading problems thanks to our soon to come super duper servers (and better programming)
- More and better communication with the Citizens (not just in English)
- Make Erepublik easier to use and understand for all.
- Make Erepublik more fun and less repetitive for everyone
- Let citizens govern and organize themselves as much as possible by giving them the right tools to do so.
- Deliver a war module that is great and on time.
- Launch the V1 of Erepublik on time
- Give you the tools so that you can better adapt Erepublik to your local language if you want to do so
- Grow our team with more super talented and motivated people (once we raise the required funds) so we can deliver all this and more.

And most important of all that all our citizens have a great 2008 in this world and the other one to!

Take care,
The Erepublik team