My Bid for Congressof NSW

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As you may know the congressional elections are upcoming. I have chosen to run in NSW and would very much appreciate your vote. Be assured that I view my knowledge and game experience as more than fitting for the position. As a founding member of the ALP (now ADSP) I have a firm grasp upon the politics which run this country. My platform is as follows (if you are even interested in reading it anyways 😛):

Why am I suitable for this role? I am suitable for this role because of my high activity, my thorough understanding of politics, my ability to compromise, my desire to build a better eAustralia, and my charisma. While I try to conserve my words, pick my battles, and make viable stands and it may appear that I may not be as active as some others, be assured that I am just as, if not more, active than most people in the media and on the eAustralia forums (I refrain from posting pointless articles or information that is previously available). I am constantly in touch with the political scene and believe that I am the most fitting candidate to represent this country in a respectful and dignified way.What will I do if I win this role? Should I be elected as a Congressman, I will continue to remain highly active. I will push for legislations which are needed to stabilize this nation and I will provide a voice for the Australian people. I will reply to all PM's in a speedy manner, and even if I disagree with the view, I will promise to present it to Congress. My primary concerns within Congress will be:

(1) The stabilization of our economy in accordance with Cottus Arci's outline, which includes the suggested pay chart.

(2) Provide training companies so that capitalist companies do not have to suffer to provide a viable workforce.

(3) The establishment of formal diplomatic relations with countries in both PEACE and ATLANTIS.Were I lucky enough to represnt this magnificent e-country in its First Congress, I promise I would not disappoint your expectations.

(4) Raise the wellness of the working class through a gifting system based off that of eUK.

I would very much appreciate your vote in this election and I hope you enjoy this holiday season.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please vote this up! Leave comments, send PM's, kiss-o-grams, and e-cards. I would love to hear from you: hear your ideas and your voice. Please let me be the one to represent you!