50 Most Important eAmericans: No. 20-11

Day 395, 17:26 Published in USA USA by Lowell Kennedy

This is a continuation of the list of the most important eAmericans of all time.

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Numbers 20 through 11 follow and I will start with number 20.

20 – Martin Sunter
Martin Sunter was an infamous politician that has since been banned. He was at the center of the New Eden controversy. There were allegations and then proof that Sunter was formulating a plot to create a confederation among the Western states. He sought a secession from the United States to create ‘New Eden.’ Ultimately, he claimed that it was a joke. However, there was a falling out with Libertarian Party members who were already uneasy about his election to the party presidency. He also served as a mayor and congressman.

19 – Peregrine
The player formerly known as Peregrine is a former American politician. He served as the party president of the USWP during the party’s ascent to the top American party. He served as vice president and was a presidential contender during the first V1 presidential election. He lost to Benn Dover and resigned the party presidency soon after. He has since moved on and is allegedly involved in The Party, using the name Father.

18 – BuzzyTheCat
BuzzyTheCat served as the Director of the National Security Council under President Archibald. He has served various positions and been intimately involved in the military for months. Additionally, he has taken a central role in the Israeli independence movement with the Israeli Military Industries organization.

17 – Cj Will Win
Cj Will Win has served as General of the Army. He also has been a squad leader. He has been among the most important American military leaders. He had been involved in the Erepublicans For Change and served as a Congressman. He is now a member of the Nationalist Party. Cj has also served as a mayor and been in Presidential cabinets. Additionally, he is currently the ambassador to Ireland.

16 – Daphne Lilac
Daphne Lilac is the most important women in eAmerican history. She is both an experienced businesswoman and politician. She has been involved deeply in US government; she has served as Vice President and she ran for the presidency. She originally became involved in the Department of Defense. When Dishmcds won the presidency in June 2008, Daphne Lilac was appointed his Chief of Staff. When Dishmcds won his second term in July, she was appointed Vice President, replacing Lucios Nava.

After losing in her presidential run, she retired from politics. She has since married to Dishmcds and relocated to the United Kingdom to be with him.

15 – Esoom
Esoom, or Moose, was an important early American military leader. Additionally, he was a successful politician. He is perhaps best known for his role in founding the country's first official army under Dishmcds. Esoom and Justinious Mcwalburgson III created the initial military pay scale and Military Orders Echo System allowed for soldiers to know their orders. He did this by serving as the National Security Council Chairman for two terms.

Politically, Esoom served two terms as mayor of Austin, where America placed its first Q4 hospital. Additionally, he served five terms in Congress.

14 – Pearlswine
Pearlswine has made important contributions throughout his eRepublik life. For example, he served as the Chairman of the United Healthcare Service, the national gifting program. It was designed as the United States’ automatic gifting program, ensuring the health and creating high productivity for workers and citizens. Additionally, he has served as politician for the eRepublicans For Change. He served five terms as the mayor of Springfield and helping to bring the Q4 hospital to his hometown.

Additionally, he has produced numerous valuable contributions with his programming skills. His work has sometimes been underappreciated but not here. Pearlswine has been among the most important eAmericans.

13 – Platonic
Platonic was one of the earliest citizens of the United States. He was originally from Pakistan. He helped to make his impact by helping determine the economic policy of the young United States by serving as an economic advisor to President Korbin King. His main role was to research U.S. and world economics in order to establish economic policy.

He was the creator of The Illuminati, a political party aimed at uniting apathetic citizens. The party hosted party members including Benn Dover, Dishmcds, and Korbin King over time. He helped to draft an early version of the U.S. Constitution. He also ran for the presidency. He has since passed away.

12 – Desertfalcon
Desertfalcon is a successful politician and journalist originally from Nebraska. He is the definitive war-time journalist of the United States, publishing articles in his newspaper Global Defense Report. He is currently the party president of the RfC, being elected after ThisGenMedia. He has served four terms as Lincoln’s mayor and in two presidential cabinets. Additionally, he is serving his sixth term as a Congressman.

He is also a part of the “Qualified Quartet” along with Justinious, Emerick, and Uncle Sam, a group that I have nicknamed as such because they have distinguished themselves as qualified for the presidency but have not yet been elected.

11 – Immunogenic
Immunogenic was the fifth president of the United States. Immunogenic came up through the Libertarian Party, serving two terms as the party presidents. He led the Libertarians to substantial growth during his time in party leadership. Additionally, he served as a Congressman.

His presidency was a caretaker term. Economically, he increased the treasury but didn’t alter the economy much. Immunogenic supported the established programs and he started to make more public disclosures than his predecessor, Archibald. He has since left the game after the release of V1.

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