Ajay for Free State

Day 392, 04:30 Published in South Africa South Africa by Ajay

Since you can place a little Presentation link in these Congress Elections. I thought I'd write my campaign early. Cause you wants to write an article on Christmas Eve right?

Now this will be my first time running for the Congress in South Africa. As I haven't had the XP to do so before now. So far I'll tell you what I've been doing with my e-life.

1. I've been updating the Wiki page for South Africa every Sunday with the latest figures.
2. I've been writing articles on the State of our Nation and the World.
3. I've joined the Military of South Africa.

Now I'm not going to promise miracles if Elected. All I can promise is I'll be active in representing the people of Free State. I'll listen to the more experianced members of congress and use my two proposals wisely. I will not waste them on something silly I will debate all mine in the congress forums beforehand.

So if you want a Congressman that wants to learn and work for South Africa and Free State. Then vote Ajay on Christmas Day. Brining in the new year with a new congressman.